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Wait a minute, now look who’s talking!

(I am in shock! “Living in a cocoon” politicians never fail to provide humour and story for bloggers)

The “AP” Rafidah was in shock and had to give her 2 cents words to the press – what do you expect? The same old “feel good” & “everything is OK” stories in international papers?

You may be able to twist the arm of the local papers to report that all is “OK” in the “Bolehland” but once you step out into the international arena, do expect bricks to be flying to your face once in a while (The Zam fellow learned it the hard way with his “Queen’s English” interview with Al-Jazeera).

“Fleeing Malaysia? Oh my goodness gracious. Can you imagine? This is really telling lies,” Rafidah told reporters yesterday after chairing a Wanita Umno meeting.

Aunty Rafidah was shocked by “apartheid” article in India and for the benefit of those who believe everything that it is thrashed out in the local dailies; I have checked and put the link to the story from DNA here. I have read it too but not surprising, I was not “shocked” in anyway on what was reported.

After the AP stint she pulled over and got away with it, the last thing you want to do is to trust whatever that she says. Go and read it first before claiming it as a lie.

“What a lie. Words like this are terrible. The article really hurts,” she said.

My my, doesn’t the truth hurts? Say what, let’s read through the lines and analyse them again, shall we?

On Sunday, ethnic Indians’ pent-up anger over Malaysia’s Constitution-sanctioned discrimination spilled over on to the streets. This drew international attention to the dirty truths that lie beneath picture-postcard images of “multicultural Malaysia”.

It’s quite funny when we see the “We are Malaysians” ads from Petronas in our local TV stations but one look outside the window seems to say a different story. More than often, racial & bigotry statements come from those linked with the Government. Just take a look at the Syed Hood bugger – the BN MP (from don’t know where) who been asking that crucifixes be removed from mission schools. He may think himself as the “Muslim Robin Hood” and claims to be voicing it out due to some “complaints” from people who don’t have anything better to do.

Just a question for this Hood – what crucifixes and statues has to go with your faith? Just because your faith is weak & brittle, you had to impose your values onto others. Probably when the people were talking about religion tolerance and how strong their own faith is, this Hood fellow must have been too busy playing with his “little brother”, got bored with it and decided to make an issue with mission school.

Stop wasting time lah in Parliament – I know lah election is coming soon and you have to pull a cheap stunt to scrap some publicity but don’t be idiot lah in process, it only reflects poorly of the quality of voters who voted you in.

“To this day, the United Malay Nationals Organisation (the largest constituent of the coalition that has ruled Malaysia since independence in 1957) upholds the concept of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ (Malay Supremacy) ostensibly to “uphold racial harmony”. That so absurd a concept as racial supremacy

Is this a surprise? That UMNO is the biggest racial bigots in this country? Anyone who was “surprised” by this statement put up your hands. Aunty Rafidah may want to count them – she is in a state of shock, remember? If I remembered my history well, I thought Hitler was also campaigning a similar concept but perhaps more violent and drastic known as “Ketuanan Aryan”. What ever the methodology practiced in Malaysia, at end of the day, it is still a racial supremacy concept, no matter how much candy coating you put on it.

I have ethnic Indian friends who are fifth- or six-generation Malaysian. They are not Indian; Malaysia is their country, and ought to be their home. But they frequently hear bigoted statements along the lines of “Indians should go back to India.”

Ask the Rustam bugger, he should know better – didn’t he just ask the Government revoke the “citizenship” of fellow Malaysians? Rafidah, you still say it is a lie? Perhaps she has been in the state of denial for far too long and when someone points out to her, she goes in shock? You and I know that is a piece of “wayang kulit” (shadow play) that just been played out for us (Remember her acting of crying and swearing on a Quran last year ago?)

Countless temples have been demolished, and idols smashed – oftentimes in the middle of prayer sessions – and devotees have been attacked.

In the last demolishment, I don’t recall devotees taken away in comfort. Remember the tense moment when the last temple was demolished? It looked like Samy Vellu almost got whacked had the crowd was not controlled and Samy Vellu was not whisked away to safety.

“Last year, my grandfather, a former High Commissioner, had a passport thrown at his face and was shouted at by a Malay officer at the Malaysian Consulate in Chennai!

It looks like we don’t need Tourism Malaysia to be “promoting” Malaysia – corrupt & racist officials are doing the same for us internationally.

Sigh, Malaysian politicians – get so worked out for nothing when something is reported in overseas but hardly turn around and acknowledge the problem back at home. I just hope being in a perpetual “state of denial” will blow their racist brain off – it is hardly used for good things.

By the way, read also “The Malaysian Apartheid” by Sharanya Manivannan (the blogger who “shocked” the Old Lady). It is an interesting piece to read.  Another read on the same topic at Jed Yoong.

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  1. It’s all about the trade, buddy. I heard unconfirmed reports that Malaysia is trying to peddle our Proton cars to India…..OOoooOOOooooOOOOOooooo

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