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Malaysia 101: Why the Opposition Cannot Fail?

(There is no time to sleep for the oppositions. Picture source:

You probably have heard by now that Samy is not leaving MIC despite the hard whack on his face.

If one is able read his mind and given the fact that he has been a screwed “Indian” leader for past 30 years, one can see that he is only bidding for time. Like a wounded lion, he is waiting for an opportunity – that is for the opposition to make a grave mistake against the Indians.

He is hoping that once the oppositions leave out the Indians “in the rain”, the Indians will be running back to him, begging him to be the Indian’s hero again.

In fact, many of the defeated BN politicians are under the same impression – “let’s wait out for this term, we will be back the next term”. What the opposition knows in running a government – they will fail, the politicians shout in the mainstream media. For these very reasons, the opposition cannot afford to fail.

In the past, the opposition has been nothing but a minor pain to the Government. Just visit Uncle Lim’s blog and you can feel the frustrations whenever the Government puts its foot down on noble and idle things. The MPs in the Parliament is nothing but stooges to ensure the Government say is rubber-stamped in the Parliament although at times, it is going against the wishes of the people.


The opposition has cried foul, unfairness and injustice for a long time now and the Malaysians, thanks to the arrogant ruling politicians had enough and awarded not 1, not 2 but 5 states to the opposition to get the change going. And it is interesting to see that every party under the coalition is able to be the Chief Minister – DAP in Penang, PAS in Kelantan & Kedah and PKR likely in Perak & Selangor.

And so far, the opposition Chief Ministers are heading in the right direction with calls for open tender, rejection of the need to buy posh cars & houses and call for the disbandment of the Official Secrecy Act (favored by non other than Samy Vellu).

To the oppositions, the rakyat (the people) have entrusted their faith in you to bring change – not minor change, not biased change but rather major & real change.

We had enough of the racial division in this country, we had enough the blatant corruption and wastages in the country, we had enough of politicians who talk about their position as if it was their birth given rights, we had enough of politicians who talk but don’t act, we had enough of the Government who keep comparing Malaysia to other low grade countries when it comes to value achievements.

We all know what to do, so do the opposition, for you have been talking about change for years now. Here is your chance – do less talking and make things work. Couple of things in my mind now but most of it is in your election manifesto:-

Clean and uncorrupted governing of the state

Immediate stop of all wastages

Promote openness of information and decisions

Promote a united Malaysians

And more…

We really do not want to see the BN politicians gleaming with happiness of getting back their seats in the next election and continue their corrupted & arrogant ways. You cannot afford to fail for if you do, the rakyat will not be able to forgive you.

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1 thought on “Malaysia 101: Why the Opposition Cannot Fail?”

  1. they are wrong

    i give you the ONLY reason why he’s staying. He’s NOT TUN yet. and if he step down, everyone will jump on his background for the past X amount of years.

    All the corruptions, all the documents and all the under cutting the indians community will be revealed and he’s going to ROT in jail for the next millennium.

    As we speak (type) his reign on being the leader of MIC is to gather all the dirty information and burn them……then after that’s done he will leave quietly

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