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Crazy Drivers

(Not being bias or what but I think someone need to study this further)

2 crazy lady drivers in 2 days a row   – hell, it is getting suicidal depending on which side of the road you are. The government may be spending millions to get our roads safer to use but with idiots on the road, there is no lack of selfish & dumb avenues that these people bastards can do to get other law abiding motorists killed or injured. 

(The “crime scene” – image source: Google Earth)

Last week I was passing by Tractor Malaysia, Puchong – there are 3 lanes at this area, 1 turns to the left and 2 more head straight towards HICOM. There I was – patiently driving to queue up (the queue starts a good 200 meters away) for the turn to the left.

Knowing how motorcyclists cut in & out without warning from the left, I kept an extra watch to the left. All the sudden, my sixth sense was “screaming” to me to quickly look at my right. And it was in time too – a bitch in a black Proton Iswara Aeroback, hardly slowed down for the on-coming traffic, cuts in at the very last minute (ya, she jumped queue) and speeds off.

Sounding my horns and at the same time slamming on my brakes, I had to make a hard turn to the left, almost hitting another car. The bitch did not bother to look at the traffic or acknowledge her mistake, simply speeds off as if it was her grandfather’s road.

In anger, I gave chase but the bitch disappeared in the traffic ahead – perhaps it was a blessing in disguise (for her) because in my fit of anger, I could have done anything. If the bitch wanted to crash into me, I don’t mind giving the painful crash that she wanted.

(Some idiots does not know what is this – picture source:

Then a day later, another bitch was speeding (ya, speeding) in the basement parking lot in the wrong direction of traffic! Just because she missed a spot, she made an illegal U-turn and speeding in the opposition direction towards an on-coming traffic.

Looking at this “stupid bitch’s attics” from the safety of the parking lot lift entrance, I was shocked to see this – clear no-entry signs are everywhere with big bold wordings that says that all lanes are one-way. Yet, she had the cheek to continue driving (speeding) against the flow of traffic.

From the other end, a car was passing by and just at the corner, both cars met but surprisingly they avoided a head-on collision (the car on the right direction turn to avoid whilst the lady on wrong direction maintained her driving angle). Crazy!

These crazy drivers simply have no rights to driving on the roads for they are nothing but drivers with sole intention to cause serious injuries and death. Either that or they are simply to dumb to be driving. Both ways, they deserves a painful and slow death. Period!

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