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Down but not out

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Not yet, at least for the moment.

The morning starts with me coughing and spitting out yucky phlegm. Yucky because it is just thick and yellowish. And when it is yucky, cough is often followed by vomiting (this is a scary part, even for me!).

So, just imagine hearing a “cough + vomiting” sound, so early in the morning for 10 minutes?

That would have waked up my neighbours. Some may have thought that some angry monster must have crept out from the ground and is eating up the neighbourhood. This routine is repeated in the office – then it is all quiet on the western front for the next 6 hours, until the air-conditioner at the office overwhelms my natural defences and the “angry monster” sound is back.

Ya, cough and phlegm is the “in” thing for now

Hopefully a change of venue (and weather) end of this week will be a change of morning routines as well.

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3 thoughts on “Down but not out”

  1. aah..another case 🙂
    yeap, its totally the ‘in’ thing now ;( sadly..

    get well soon sir..i still have tat irritating throat feeling

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