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Humour 101: The Side Joke On The Great Beer

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Before we proceed further, read this disclaimer – this joke is no offense whatsoever to any ladies out there or any non-beer-drinking Malaysians out there.

I got this joke titled “Girl vs Beer” via email from a friend of mine today. I guess a lot of them were upset with the idea of a blanket ban on beers (which luckily did not materialize in the end) and started looking at jokes to calm themselves down:-

Most men like women. But, most men like beer too! So, for men it becomes a rather confusing choice between women and beer!

Following is a debate, developed by the University of Mumbai, in India to help you analyze which is better! Here is the debate:-

A Beer is always wet, a woman is not! 1 point for beer!

Beer is horrible, when it is hot! 1 point for women!

A cold beer satisfies you! 1 point for beer!

If you come back home smelling beer, your wife can get angry at you. If you come back home smelling women, your wife will get angry for sure and she might even not talk to you again! Draw! (Depends on your point of view)

10 beers in a night and then you can’t drive. 10 women in one night and you don’t have to drive anywhere! 1 point for women!

The older, the beer is – the better, it is! 1 point for beer!

Many beers can make you see UFO’s. Many women can make you see God! 1 point for women!

If you ask yourself how the next woman will be, you are normal. If you ask yourself how the next beer will be, you are an alcoholic! 1 point for women!

For a beer, you pay taxes! 1 point for women!

If you take a second beer, the first one doesn’t get angry! 1 point for beer!

You can always be sure that, you are the first one ‘Opening’ a beer! 1 point for beer!

If you shake a beer, after a while it calms down by itself! 1 point for beer!

You know exactly how much a beer costs! 1 point for beer!

A beer does not have a mother! 1 point for beer!

You can do it if you want, but beer won’t ask you to hug her for half an hour after! 1 point for beer!

So the final score is beer beats women – 9 to 6!

If you are a woman reading this and getting angry, know that a beer would never get angry! Well, what do you know, it is another point for beer! Now the final score is Beer beats women – 10 to 6!

So drink beer, Cheers!!!!

P.s. remember it is just a joke and nothing more.

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