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February 5, 2009

Malaysia 2009: Screwed in Perak

(One cheap point for BN. Image source: TheNutGraph)

I am a pro-opposition for the obvious reasons, so this is a sad day for me

By now, everyone know just how well the Pakatan Rakyat government got screwed in Perak – first by their own selfish politicians, then by Barisan Nasional. Most of us here had hoped that the Sultan would have agreed to have snap election and get the people’s fresh mandate over the issue but still the final say is still with the Sultan and we have to respect that.

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Politics is Dirty

(The “Pakatan traitors” with Najib bent on taking over the state of Perak. Was it a dirty cheap move or simply a smart bold move? Image source: TheNutGraph)

A good case for this is of course the current political turmoil in the state of Perak. How interesting on how the “independent” representatives who earlier went missing, fight against the accusations that they have resigned and jumped ship are vouching for the Barisan Nasional now.… [Click to read the rest] “Politics is Dirty”