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What is the justification for increase in toll?

Still remember this “bottle neck” at LDP?

This is what was stated in a letter to Malaysiakini:-

It is simply unacceptable that we pay toll and get stuck in traffic. If the concessionaires are collecting toll, let them ensure a smooth flow of traffic, or else stop collecting the toll because it is ridiculous for us to pay toll to be stuck endlessly in a jam.

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Slumdog Smackdown 0 (0)

(The biggest winner for 2009! Image source:

My buddy, Anil said that it was almost impossible despite the movie was nominated for 10 categories – he said “You think the Americans are going to give Oscars on a movie made in India?”

Well, how wrong he was – Slumdog won 8 Oscars including 2 for AR Rahman!… Click to read the rest

Daddy, don’t go! 0 (0)


(It’s hard to say NO to the big boss)

There is a scheduled overseas deployment this year and it is likely to be one of the longest to date – about 6 months away from home.

The actual departure date has not been firmed up but it will be finalised in the next 5 months or so.… Click to read the rest

Duty vs Moral 0 (0)

(Image source:

I watched Black Hawk Down recently and despite the low projection of Malaysians’’ involvement in the rescue (what did you expect?); the movie was overall detailed enough to how a simple mission went awry and end up becoming commander’s worst nightmare.

19 US soldiers died in the mission gone awry but there were many who managed to do their job well – defending their comrades or taking part in the rescue mission.… Click to read the rest

Thaipusam 2009 Part 3 0 (0)

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(Sometimes dark alleys can be scary in the wee morning. Image source:

I don’t know why but I guess standing in a sea of rubbish was making everyone crazy.

We continued to walk around and managed to complete the “shopping”. Our legs were in great pain and there was no good place to sit down – most of the place been taken up or covered in a heap of rubbish.… Click to read the rest

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