Windows XP: Functional Desktop

Let’s make it more functional – you may have your own styles, here’s mine

1. Let’s clear the desktop files

This is one thing I don’t get when I see some of my friends’ desktops – it is full of files. Although many claim that the icons on the desktop do not hog memory, having too many icons on the desktop is just downright confusing.… [Click to read the rest] “Windows XP: Functional Desktop”

Governance 101: What is Malaysian Formula 1 Team Cost?

formula 1

(It is not cheap to run a Formula 1 team even for winning teams – Image source: Forbes)

There are pros and cons to the Government’s latest adventure into Formula 1. We thought we had a taste of Formula 1 with Petronas’ involvement and Alex Yoong in the driver’s seat but in the Malaysia Boleh spirit, we are getting ourselves one notch up in this very expensive sport

Malaysiakini reported:-

Sepang International Circuit (SIC), a joint partnership involving the government and a consortium of Malaysian entrepreneurs for the 1Malaysia Formula One Team project, has allocated between 8,000 and 12,000 hectares for the development of the Made-in-Malaysia F1 team headquarters

Then Paul Tan in his blog reported

According to SIC CEO Razlan Razali, the HQ will be fully equipped with manufacturing and development facilities including a wind-tunnel and costs could be in the millions or even billions.

[Click to read the rest] “Governance 101: What is Malaysian Formula 1 Team Cost?”
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