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Khir said in his blog:-

Pada 2007 terpadat 146 kuil hindu berdaftar. Manakala kuil yang tidak berdaftar lebih 600 buah. Sejumlah 800 orang pengerusi kuil Hindu berdaftar dan tidak berdaftar di Selangor hadir dalam perjumpaan bersama saya di rawang pada Januari 2008. Jadi tentulah aneh YB Ronnie tidak berjumpa data-data ini

Translated “In 2007, there was about 146 temple registered whilst the one that was not registered was more than 600.… Click to read the rest

Tamil Movie Review: Kandasamy 0 (0)

We managed to catch the latest Tamil blockbuster, Kandasamy in Taiping’s latest cineplex last week or so and since the cineplex was quite new, the seats were comfortable and the sound system was outstanding.


(Vikram surrounded by the Mexican drug dealer and bodyguards when he is on trail of black money)

The Plot

The story from Snastavirs’ blog:-

Kandasamy opens with scenes showing ordinary people flocking to a Murugan temple which has become famous as all your wishes can be fulfilled at the temple.

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