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Parliament 101: Screw the Missing Pakatan Rakyat Politicians

Pakatan Rakyat Missing Parliament

(Breakdown of missing Pakatan politicians during the crucial voting of national budget recently – chart source: Go Malaysia)

The question is what happened to the missing 20 Pakatan Rakyat politicians especially those on the MIA list includes, sadly, senior politicians and one Chief Minister?

After several years of getting the key votes from the people, are these people from the PR been starting to slack without them knowing about it? Why the missing absentees from the Parliament sessions?

RPK rightly stated:-

As much as we may want change and would like to see Barisan Nasional ousted, Pakatan Rakyat has to earn our votes, not expect to get it without any effort.

I want to start by demanding an apology from those 20 Pakatan Rakyat Parliamentarians who are earning their salary without working for it. Then, and only then, will we consider whether they are worthy of our votes.

And what about the news that “there are about 500,000 qualified voters in Perak who have yet to register themselves with the Election Commission”?

If you ask me, it is nothing but pathetic – with PR have lost the state after 3 “frogs” jumped, they need all the votes in case a State-level election is held the next day (see RPK’s post below). PR should start their “campaign” to get these voters registered and perhaps they may get some extra votes to wrestle back the State.

PR cannot continue to be sleeping – they may not get a second chance again. With Najib heavily promoting his 1Malaysia concept and BN making some improvements when dealing with the people, time is running out for the Pakatan to wake up and start improving.

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