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Blogging 101: News Snippets As At 14 April 2010

shah rukh my name is khan snippet hindi movie

(News snippet – this is a good movie but I seriously think they could have gotten another actor to play the role of a person with autism. Image IMDB)

When I am at home and I strike a good idea or when I am driving from work and I get pissed off with the number of idiots on the road or when I am at the office and I overheard something funny or when I surf the net and find something brilliant, there is plenty of things that I want to write down (some posts have the potential to be the killer post of the year).

But as I managed to squeeze whatever time I have to sit down and start typing down my thoughts, I realised that there is no really enough time to get everything down on time and complete. Some of my posts even take several days to be drafted and to be finalised. And by the time, my posts get published – some subjects are just too outdated.

So, I guess that it will be better if I could get things down in snippets, starting from today whilst I take my time to draft out longer posts.

Snippet 1 – Tamil New Year

Today is New Year for the Tamil community and it is New Year for the Sikh and Malayalee communities. So, wishing everyone a good New Year and as many of us, I just wish for a peaceful, pleasant, rewarding year for all Malaysians.

Snippet 2 – My Name is Khan

Saw the movie last night – brilliant story but with the wrong actor. Shah Rukh Khan is a good actor but he did not convince me that his character had autism. I can still see the Shah Rukh’s character from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Karan Johar should have just got someone new to play the character of Rizwan Khan and that would have made the story more convincing. Anyway, the movie “My Name is Khan” is still much, much better than a dozen Hindi / Tamil movies that came in the recent months – a strongly recommended to watch

Snippet 3 – Idiots on Road

Last night, as I was trying to come out from an inner road to the main road, I realised that an idiot was speeding on the road meant for the vehicles coming from the housing area.

If I had not stopped and let the idiot right of way (on the wrong side of the road), there would have been a gory accident (if the idiot has not been maimed by the accident, he would have been once I come out and have “strong” words with him).

Still, plenty of idiots not using their indicators – cutting in and out of traffic hoping others will have “extra-sensory powers” to judge the sudden moves. For the New Year, I pray that a new law will be introduced where these idiots on the road will be identified, rounded up and taken into a windowless room and whacked hard on their back (repeated offenders to be dealt even more severely).

Snippet 4 – Trigger Happy Police?

Actually, I intended to write a long post on this but I know that I am going to end up writing a rather angry post.

Got this from RageIndian’s post titled “Reminder”:-

Two brothers wanted for committing armed robberies around the country were killed in a shootout with the police at Jalan Kamunting in Taiping yesterday

After Kugan, the notion of trigger happy police is in the news again. But reading further, this caught my eyes:-

Satchithantham had four previous convictions. The latest was last year where he was sent to the Simpang Renggam detention centre in Johor for robbery.

Logeswaran possessed a longer rap sheet with 21 previous convictions, and was wanted by the police in connection with six other cases.

In Taiping, the father of the two deceased, V. Rethinam, said he planned to seek legal recourse because he was dissatisfied with the police action.

”They may have made mistakes but just take them to court and put them in jail for 15 years or even more, it is okay,” Rethinam, 64, an MIC branch chief, told reporters at his home in Taman Pertama yesterday.

When it comes to crime, there is no special treatment by race – criminals are just criminals, scumbags are just scumbags. And the father of the two highly wanted criminals (wanted not for trivial and petty crimes but instead for armed robberies) is talking cock by saying “they may have made mistakes but just take them to court”.

Aren’t past 4 convictions and 21 convictions enough to give these criminals a second chance to move away from crime?

This time, I must applaud the police by making a swift action to clear the nation from terrorising criminals. I just hope that the police will cast a larger net to “catch and terminate” more hardcore criminals.

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    1. Hak55, you caught me there – my criteria for cinema is nothing more than having a ample, safe parking area, ha ha. I really not worried about the quality of cinemas these days – most have top notch sound system.

      I just go to the nearest cinema from the house or watch movies on my laptop. My usual area is the cineplex in IOI Mall, Puchong.

      I heard the cinema in PJ State is the cinema to go for Hindi and Tamil movies but I have not gone there myself.

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