Tamil Movie Review: Thamizh Padam


If you thought Venkat Prabhu’s Goa was funny, well, let me tell you – you have not seen anything yet!

(The hero in the first hero song – I loved when the dance master joins in to dance and get chased away – spoof from many of Vijay’s movies. Image source: Indiaglitz)

Goa was good and funny (I hated the movie makers for trying to pass Langkawi as Goa) but it did not match Venkat Prabhu’s Chennai 600028 which I thought funnier and more original (Goa could have been better if Venkat had kept ‘gay scenes’ down and more funny scenes up). That is when I got the chance to watch the excellent “Thamizh Padam”.

Finally a movie that keeps us entertained from start to end!

We have heard full length spoof movies from Hollywood and we may have seen snippets in Tamil movies but the movie “Thamizh Padam” is one the first Tamil movie that portrays full length spoof from start to end.

The Plot

Read the full plot here

(The hero departing with his “vehicle” after unable to pay Rs2.50 bribe – spoof from the movie “Sivaji”. Image source: Indiaglitz)

The Storyline

Storyline is nothing new here, a very typical Tamil movie storyline – hero fighting for the poor, hero meets a beautiful girl, sorry – rich beautiful girl, not surprisingly girl falls for the hero after the hero pulls a stupid stunt (in this case, dancing), rich father objects to the relationship, rich father throws a challenge to the hero, the hero takes up the challenge and wins and…oh ya, there are some bad guys somewhere in between for the hero to fight.

But making the movie storyline more interesting is the number of Tamil movies spoofed in this movie (watch out the spoof from Mouna Ragam).

From the very start where the credits roll on, the background was spoofed from some of the movies in the 1980s. We have the colourful background, the scenes in negative print background and a simple old wallpaper background.

Then the introduction of the hero is made – ala Rajinikanth’s Chandramukhi style with the hero staying on one feet and another rose up in a kicking style. As the camera moves around, we then see that the hero’s pants are torn due to this difficult posture (we wondered the same when we saw Chandramukhi).

Getting 3 old actors to represent the hero’s young friends is brilliant! They look young, they talk young and yet we know that they are old.

(The bad guy visiting his man at the hospital after a fight with the hero – spoof from the movie “Thalaphathi”. Image source: Indiaglitz)

The Music

Adding to the funny storyline is a brilliant music and funny lyrics. Despite the movie being a full length spoof movie, the quality of the songs however has not been compromised. Music director – Kannan have done a good job here.

There 4 main songs or theme in this movie – song to introduce the hero (Pacha Manja), the must have romance song (O Maha Zeeya), song for the hero’s comeback / working to be rich (Oru Sooravali) and one “kuthu” song for the bad guys (Kuthu Vilakku).

The timing of the songs itself is just perfect – doesn’t all Tamil movies have the same theme / timing? Out of the 4 main songs, O Maha Zeeya is probably the first Tamil movie song that has lyrics that does not have any meaning to it. I still remember the great poet Valli saying that in those days (1950s – 1970s), lyrics of the song need to be meaningful but the current songs can have lyrics that means nothing and yet can be a chart buster.

O Maha Zeeya makes fun of this aspect.

Indiaglitz commented:-

It is a song that aroused great curiosity even before the album was released. It was said that this number can neither be remixed in future nor can be sung again by Hariharan himself. Yes of course. Listen to the song and you will endorse it.

A hilarious number with funny lyrics from several earlier numbers that topped the charts make up this song. Hariharan and Swetha sing it with utmost sincerity. You would laugh as you listen the song

Great music with interesting twists

(The hero and his 3 “young” friends – spoof from the movie “Boys”. Image source: Indiaglitz)

The Acting

No big names in the movie but there are no small names either. Shiva who plays the main character is perfect in his role and goes by the scenes rather fluidly. Acting in funny movies is not a new thing for this actor who is also a radio jockey – he acted in Venkat Prabhu’s earlier 2 movies (but missing out in Goa). Other characters including the heroin was nothing to shout about except for the hero’s 3 friends (played by M.S.Bhaskar, Manobala and Venniraadai Moorthy) and of course, the grandmother acted by the excellent Paravai Muniyamma.

Final say

The plus points: Brilliant spoofing, music and punch “dialogues”

The negative points: Not enough to satisfy us (we need Part 2)

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0 thoughts on “Tamil Movie Review: Thamizh Padam

  1. this movie was a rib-cracker from start to end! Sadly in KL, only selected theaters were playing it. It wasn’t promoted as it should have been. Many people didn’t know the movie existed.

    I cant say wic is my fav scene coz all of em very effing funny!

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