Pudu Jail

(The 100 years old landmark being torn down for future development – Images source: TheStar)

It is an iconic landmark in KL – I used to see the mural on the wall as I sat in the bus, stuck in the traffic jam on my way back to my grandma’s house many years ago.

I also recall the hostage crisis in the 1980s – it was a big thing back then (before the Highland Towers tragedy) with the media giving around the clock coverage and so called experts giving their analysis. We at home on the other hand were praying for a shoot-out between the cops and the hostage takers.

The infamous Pudu Jail is being torn down for development, no big surprise there. I mean if some greedy nuts can eye on a strategic active military base for commercial development, what more of an abandoned prison smack down in the middle of KL?

But I like this quote the best –

“Although keeping Pudu Prison is a waste of space, whatever is built there will be haunted,”

Good luck to the future occupants of the area!

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