Craziest Thing 2011 – Part 2 0 (0)

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We have reached Kota Bahru way ahead of our targeted time – we reached at 11.36 am instead of the targeted 2.00 pm. We were happy but I guess we were lucky too – there was less heavy traffic in the morning and we could have done better if we had prior experience through the old road.

(“Membangun bersama Islam” – Growth through Islam – was the slogan of the day as we entered the state of Kelantan. PAS still holding to the seat of the State Government despite the slow creep of modernization to the State)

First thing first, we had to buy something for our colleague at the hospital. Being new in town, we decided not to wonder around and instead looked for the nearest supermarket. We saw one, it looked big enough to be called as a supermarket. We went in, not really sure what to buy for a friend in the hospital, battling cancer. We decided to buy some fruits – there was not much choice left. A1 commented that the onions were cheaper here than in the hypermarket near his house. There were less people in the supermarket, probably Sunday being a working day in Kota Bahru.

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