Time for New Car 0 (0)

(This has nothing to do with the below but it is something I already planned in late 2009 and I guess, it was a good sign that it is already time to make the change)

(The enhancements for Proton Persona SE, now called Elegance. Proton Persona have the right package for the right price but as a friend with Toyota Vios has told me – it is still a Proton and that itself says a lot on the quality of the end product.Click to read the rest

Open Letter to Datuk Suret Singh 0 (0)

(My usual rant of the irresponsible road users that I have encountered after coming back from a long holiday, so please bear with me)

(The face behind many road safety campaign – Datuk Suret Singh of Road Safety Department. Image source: http://protonexoraclub.blogspot.com)

Dear YB Datuk

I was not sure at first, who I should address this letter to since whenever we have major accidents on the road; too many people in high position open their mouth and want to be the champion for road safety in the country.… Click to read the rest