Living Longer

(A food for thought but it is bad news for me if there are more people on the road early in the morning)

(We all need our 8 hours of sleep – sometimes more – but waking up early has it’s advantages too. Image source: here)

I had an interesting chat with a colleague of mine almost a month ago who noticed me coming to office very early in the morning.… [Click to read the rest] “Living Longer”

Time for New Car

(This has nothing to do with the below but it is something I already planned in late 2009 and I guess, it was a good sign that it is already time to make the change)

(The enhancements for Proton Persona SE, now called Elegance. Proton Persona have the right package for the right price but as a friend with Toyota Vios has told me – it is still a Proton and that itself says a lot on the quality of the end product.[Click to read the rest] “Time for New Car”

Know Your Car Basics 101: Brake Failed, Scariest Thing in 2011

brake scariest master pump

(Having a faulty brake master pump so early in 2011 is considered the scariest thing of the year. Image source:

The year 2011 is proving to be a very interesting year. Earlier this year, we did the craziest thing and last week, it proves to be the scariest.

[Click to read the rest] “Know Your Car Basics 101: Brake Failed, Scariest Thing in 2011”

Tech News 101: Playing with Nokia N8

Update 1: Read the excellent “13 Reasons Why I Love The N8

Back to the original post

symbian nokia OS

Hmm, how should I do this?


(The Commuter, which was filmed entirely on the Nokia N8 in HD, stars Dev Patel as a commuter on his way to his first day of work.[Click to read the rest] “Tech News 101: Playing with Nokia N8”

Enforcement 101: An Urgent Open Letter to Datuk Suret Singh

Datuk Suret Singh MIROS Safety Road Enforcement

(The face behind many road safety campaign – Datuk Suret Singh of Road Safety Department. Image source: Youtube)

[Click to read the rest] “Enforcement 101: An Urgent Open Letter to Datuk Suret Singh”
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