Month: March 2011

(They say that we remember better if we put things down in writing and repeat it on a daily basis in form of a mantra)


(One in the morning before leaving the house. Image source:

Bung Mokhtar may be stirred up a hornet’s nest with this but frankly speaking, there is some truth with what he has said.… Click to read the rest

It must be one of the funniest, embarrassing, happening things in the Malaysian political arena right now


(The allegations against Anwar – it started as an illusive individual by the name of Datuk T which ended to be a group of high powered men with plenty of time to kill on their hands , at least that is what it seems to be to many of us.Click to read the rest

(Please bear with BJ as he is going through the unusual slow blogging phase – the write up on his new speed machine remains half done, damn!)

(The idea is to create awareness – not only among the ordinary citizens of the world but also organizations and governments. Image source: to read the rest

(A post prompted by what I experienced over the weekend at a shopping complex)

(Thumbs up instead of the middle finger is always welcomed on a stressful drive home, more so after doing a good deed instead of being a nuisance to fellow road users. Image source:

How many times you have said “Thank You” to someone else today, two days ago, a week ago or a month ago?… Click to read the rest

Talk about getting “syiok” on the left but getting whacked on the right!


(When under the sun, the amount of sun-rays allowed into the car can make a big difference between a car and an oven. Image source:

I got my new car more than a week ago (the post on that coming up soon – review on the car is half done but let me tell you upfront that there have a new found respect for Proton – damn, what I am saying!)… Click to read the rest

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