MH370: Oh Wait! Listen to This!

(Presenting the Prime Ministerrrrrr, no Najib is the PM, oh well, presenting the First Lady of Malaysiaaaa, errr no as well, the Queen is the First Lady of Malaysia…oh never mind. The fact is this is a very very touching moment indeed but it is an overkill to overdo it. Image source: The Star)

Hmmm, you noticed something?… [Click to read the rest] “MH370: Oh Wait! Listen to This!”

RIP Karpal Singh: 1940 – 2014

karpal singh

(Karpal Singh may have said many things but he have always been consistent and highly principled and that earns the respect and admiration. Image source: Malaysiakini)

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Prepping in Malaysia 101: Rationing Up Water For the Worst Part 1

water prepping ration

(Prepping includes stocking up enough water. More people means higher water consumption and coupled with a longer run of the dry season causes a dangerous level at the water catchment areas. Image source: TheStar)

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Bootloops, Internet & Shitty Service Center


(I love the icons at the bottom – it was a very cool theme but unfortunately with a hidden time bomb and had to resort to looking for a service center. Image source: Google Play)

It happened once when I still had my trusted N8 and not surprisingly it has happened again

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