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Technology 101: Fire Bomber – War on Haze continues with Canadair CL-515?


We had looked at MMEA’s Bombardier CL-415 which has been a workhorse in the recent fight against forest fires in Indonesia and Malaysia. Image source: Fire Aviation

Now Canada seems to be promoting the next change in the aerial fire fighting aircraft to MMEA, the Viking CL-515.

This is a video on CL515 which is a new stage aircraft scheduled to replace CL-415.

The CL-515 is supposed to have a 15 percent larger tank holding up to 7,000 litres of water, and the ability to be outfitted with agriculture spraying equipment or carry up to 12 passengers or three stretchers. Other optional equipment could include a larger cargo door, video cameras, and search radar.

The ability to land in both water and land will make rescue and fire fighting more effective and cheaper in the long run.

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