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Lock Down in Malaysia 2020: Day 4: Stupidity is Public Enemy No 1

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We are into the 4th day of the lock down and by now, I have more or less found a rhythm working from home although the workplace have been far from comfortable. Despite the lock down, the number of confirmed infection had continued to increase with 1183 cases with 114 recovered and 8 deaths. Not counting the cross-infection cases, 60% of the infection was from the tabligh gathering at a mosque in Sri Petaling. Image source: Outbreak MY

On Day 2, considering that we were running out of some dry food and vegetables, I braved myself to venture out to Tesco which was 5 minute drive away to stock up some of the kitchen groceries. It was a “working” day but I know that there were millions more holed up at home. So, I was at the Tesco main entrance at 8 am but there were another 20 people was already there – some idiots brought their family along. There was no checking for temperature at the entrance but the hand sanitizer was provided.

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I also noticed that only half of the shoppers was wearing facial mask – something that I would not blame on them as facial masks been out of stock since last year (even when we try to purchase online). The Government keep saying that the country has enough stock but we don’t see them. One can just hope that the hospitals have enough stock for the doctors and nurses.

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Of course, Government is doing something about it by banning export & allowing increase in price but whether it is the right move or not, it proves to be an unpopular one. Considering that the Health Minister claim that drinking warm water kills Covid-19, the criticisms piling up on the government is understandable. The facial masks remain a major shortage in the country.

The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) is calling on the National Disaster Management Agency (Nadma) and relevant ministries to resolve the shortage of face masks for healthcare workers.

Its president Dr N. Ganabaskaran said some doctors had gone to the extent of recycling their masks while seeing patients and some had chosen to close their clinics because there are no face masks and hand sanitizers to protect themselves and their patients.

“The issue of face mask shortage has been highlighted since the outbreak in early February 2020, it has made national news and every citizen is aware about this. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) like face masks are a basic necessity when seeing patients who may carry this infectious disease.

Dr Ganabaskaran added, the failure to address this issue will result in higher risks of infections among patients and healthcare workers at healthcare facilities where people should feel safe.


And there is the issue of stupidity which remains the biggest headache for the authorities even after the lock down.

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The above was from Siti Kasim’s Facebook where she calls them Irresponsible Jerks and rightly so. It seems like foreigners but the restricted movement order does not distinguish Malaysians and foreigners. They should not meet up in such close proximity and stay at home. This simply increases the chances of further cross infection.

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We still have a large number of missing participants from the tabligh gathering at a mosque in Sri Petaling and the search now widen to Rohingya – known to be illegal, trouble makers and in the hiding. The authorities should round them on sight and force them to get tested before further cross infection happens.

Malaysian authorities are scrambling to track down about 2,000 Rohingya men who attended a religious gathering that has led to a big spike in Covid-19 cases across South-East Asia, a security source and two other people told Reuters.

More than 100,000 Rohingya live in Malaysia after fleeing from Myanmar, but they are considered illegal immigrants. Their status would likely make many of them reluctant to identify themselves to get tested for the virus even if they showed symptoms, other sources, in the Rohingya community, said.


Malaysians still have not learned their lessons – they continue to trivialise the restricted movement order and the number of COVID-19 cases in the country. The call for the military to step in to also join in the patrol with police was timely. The only hope is that the military is less soft on these idiots compared to the police and enforce the restrict movement order to the fullest.

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Despite of the risks and many calls by many not to go back to their hometown, some idiots refused to listen and went ahead to go back to their hometown. This may have indirectly caused 5 districts to have a stricter lock down with all shops closed by 7 pm.

Kuantan Health Office has confirmed that a person who travelled from Johor Bahru to Kuantan has tested positive for Covid-19, FMT reported. It is understood that the passenger was going for initial check-ups in Johor Baru, but failed to quarantine himself.

The check-up showed the man was in fact infected with the disease, but he was already on the way to Kuantan by bus. According to the health office, he was on Plusliner bus with registration plates VDJ 2367. He travelled from JB Sentral to Terminal Kuantan at 4pm at March 16.

The Kuantan Health Office is urging passengers who boarded that bus to contact them immediately.


With stupidity also come blatant lies which complicate further the medical investigations and curtailing further infections.

A woman’s failure to provide full disclosure during screening at a private hospital in Kedah has led to it having to close for two days for disinfection. In a Facebook post, Pantai Hospital Laguna Merbok said it will be closing tomorrow and on Monday after it received its first Covid-19 case.

“Further questioning led to the finding that the woman had been living with a family member who had attended the tabligh gathering at the Sri Petaling Mosque in Kuala Lumpur and had tested positive for Covid-19.”


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It only needed just ONE stupid person for a hospital to be closed down. The next person who fails to declare close contacts with Covid-19 patients should be punished with hefty fine and imprisonment. There is another 10 days of the lock down to go and hopefully with further tightening of the restrict movement order and with the military involvement, the lock down will be effective. If the number of infection continues to increase, a full lock down may just be the next step.

Stupidity is public enemy No 1 in the country now and we need to be serious with it.

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