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Kingdom of Cambodia 2020: Part 11 – No Fear, Foodpanda Delivers (3)

Foodpanda KFC food delivery

This will be the last post on the Foodpanda food delivery service in the on-going travel to Cambodia. Of course, these list of food was not the only ones that I order online from Foodpanda but these would be the some of the interesting ones that I would not be ordering if I am using the same app back in Malaysia. Photo by Khaled Hossain from Pexels

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Whilst it is easy to order food online, it is not a safe-proof system especially when I am paying using the credit card. I have a few incidents of cancellation after a few minutes confirming the order and I had to re-order again after wasting my time waiting for the first order.

There were two incidents of the order is confirmed but some of the items had been sold out and I ended getting my food for less the amount I actually paid for. These incidents would require the online delivery company refunding me back the amount or pay in kind via food vouchers. Refunds, however, is not fast and it takes reminders after reminders.

cockles thai cambodia food foodpanda

Seriously speaking, it has been years since I had a large portion of cockles dipped in spicy chilly on its own. Back in Malaysia, we often “marry” this with others like nasi lemak, curry mee and fried noodles.

Further, the recent issue of contamination and the pricey sale price of cockles makes it a luxury item. When we were young, this was cheap, clean and we often have it once a week, popping it into our mouth as we are taking out the raw meat from the shell.

papaya salad thai cambodia food foodpanda

A mix of young papaya, onions and cucumber may not kick your taste buds but this was different. Under the layers of innocent vegetables and fruits is a good layer of chilly juice with plenty of peanuts. Ordered this from a Thai restaurant, this was probably the spiciest dish thus far.

Just as I was about to finish this dish, I then realised something – I have been eating this the wrong way. It supposes to be a side dish of the main meal and not the main meal itself. For the first time, in many years felt cheated with sweet, tamed sambals, I finally had “fire” in my mouth.

squid thai cambodia food foodpanda

The grilled squid was one of the dishes I ordered from a local restaurant which did not look much like it was properly grilled but it was really good. It was grilled with some form of sweet sauce. However, I did not opt to reorder this again because of my concerns on health. Besides the price had gone up to USD3.75 since I last ordered for USD2.00.

Grilled prawns from the same restaurant however if a better class and it is not a big surprise that this is often sold out early despite it being in the menu all the time.

fried fish indian cambodia food foodpanda

This one is a fish fillet dish from an Indian restaurant (serving mostly Punjab dishes) – they labelled it as “Fish Amritsar” which is described as fried fish prepared with a lot of spices and is a popular street food of Amritsar. It was priced USD2.85 for a good portion and the fish was indeed fresh & fluffy.

To be continued in the final part.

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