Boycott Malaysia 2019: Understand Outbursts On Article 370

India’s removal of special status under Article 370 to Jammu & Kashmir sparked protests namely from Pakistan and somehow by a weird sequence of events (maybe the stars were not lined properly), also led to a call to boycott Malaysian’s services & goods by Indians who were not happy with Dr M’s speech in UN. Image source: NDTV

It gets worse:-

The head of Pakistan-administered Kashmir has warned that a deteriorating security situation along and across the disputed border with India had the potential to escalate into a nuclear conflict that could reshape the world as we know it.


It is estimated that both India and Pakistan have about 150 nuclear warheads each and they have gone war with each 4 times (1947, 1965, 1971 & 1999) since separation. So it is a great concern when talks of escalation and use of nuclear arsenal is widely spoken since Article 370 removal was done.

But what is the Article 370 and why some countries are not happy with it?

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Boycott Malaysia 2019 – Understanding the Jammu & Kashmir’s Bloody History First

Jammu & Kashmir

If you consider Jammu & Kashmir as a country that has been invaded & occupied by India, then you need to consider that there are 2 other countries, Pakistan (in green) & China (in orange) have invaded and occupied parts of Kashmir as well. Image Source: Wikipedia

As you all may be aware, there is a call for a massive boycott of Malaysian tourism, products and services dubbed #BoycottMalaysia trending on Twitter.

Apparently this started when PM Dr M spoke about Jammu & Kashmir in United Nations last week and probably the stinging part of his call for diplomacy between India and Pakistan would be these words – “the country has been invaded and occupied”.

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Fire Bomber – MMEA’s Bombardier CL-415


MMEA’s Bombardier CL-415 thick in action – Image source: Bernama & MMEA

We need to buy more of this excellent fire bomber in the near future – wild fires & man made fires is expected to compound the environment for many years to come. We need to have the right tools and trained resources to put out the fire before it becomes a national crisis. And given the source of haze is from Indonesia, they need to have more fire bombers in their inventory.

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Snippets – 28 March 2014


(Only in Malaysia this happens on a regular basis and it is not a laughing matter. After all this country is best of the best when it comes to corruption free Government and corruption fighting agencies, eh?. Cartoon source:

Whilst we are largely pre-occupied with MH370 tragedy and have been keeping up our hopes for some kind of closure, some Malaysian politicians have been having some strange itchiness and have been trying to outdo each other in making themselves looking like an ass in public. Hmmm, is this the real reason why that old man, if given a chance, wanted to censor the internet?

World’s Most Corruption Free Country: Malaysia

It’s very obvious that some people in the country still living in a cocoon (perhaps high on coconut water). It must be one hard cocoon that they are living in as evident from this:-

Malaysia antara negara terbersih daripada perbuatan rasuah, kata Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim.

Shahidan menafikan dakwaan Malaysia sebuah negara yang kerap mengamalkan rasuah dan menegaskan dakwaan tersebut tidak wajar dikeluarkan kerana akan memberi kesan kepada pihak lain. Beliau berkata, Malaysia juga mempunyai sebuah agensi memerangi rasuah yang terbaik di dunia iaitu Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM).


Translated in simple English – Malaysia is one of the most corrupt FREE country in the world and has one of the best corruption fighting agency in the world (referring to MACC). Ok, I will wait for you to re-read the statement (mind you, it is coming from a seasoned Minister) and wait for the hard cold reality to hit you. I know, something is not right, right? Done that? Ok great. Now I will wait for you to laugh your heart out.

That is what happened to me when I first read this statement. I was speechless. I was in shock. I do not know which version of Malaysia that Shahidan is talking about (obviously exists in a galaxy far, far away) but it surely cannot be the same Malaysia that most of us are living in. The Malaysia that we live in has been ranked as one of the most corrupt nations by Ernst & Young. That is not a big revelation! We all know that for a long time now and we also know that MACC (the so-called best of the best) is toothless (can’t blame them) when it comes to nabbing those in political power when it comes to corruption (otherwise we would have seen certain Chief Minister behind bars a long time ago).

Deputy Minister Assumed RMAF Assumed Crap

One of the sourest point in the search for MH370 is the failure for RMAF to correctly identify and intercept MH370 when it deviated from it’s original flight path. If this been done, we could have identify MH370 immediately and would not have wasted valuable time, resources and assets over the South China Sea for days.

Then the Deputy Minister of Defence revealed that RMAF assumed that the plane had turned back because the air traffic control had ordered them back. The part of RMAF “assumed” did not go well with many people – after all, we expect the military to be more precise and professional especially of those monitoring the air space above Malaysia. We expect them to be on high alert and track things out of the ordinary. We expect them to pick up the phone and give DCA a call. With all that technology and expensive military hardware, we had never expect them to work on assumption basis. That is why we were pissed off when the Minister said RMAF had assumed this and that.

Then we had a 180 degree turn:-

Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri today admitted he assumed that the Subang air traffic control had asked lost Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 to turn back, adding his assumption was not accurate.

“In relation to my statement in the debate for the Royal Address yesterday, in which I said MH370 did a turn back probably because it received instructions from air traffic control, I want to clarify that it was just my assumption and one of the possibilities that could have happened.

“After making checks, I would like to stress that my assumption is not accurate,” Abdul Rahim said in a terse two-paragraph statement in Kuala Lumpur today.


Now the joker turns around and say that it was he who made the assumption and not RMAF. Didn’t he check the facts before he opened his mouth in the Parliament? Did he misled the MPs then with unverified facts and wild assumptions? Doesn’t this borders to lying?

If this is not the case, then what would be the real reason for RMAF not scrambling their jets to intercept the rouge plane? Even if they claimed that DCA did not inform them of the missing plane, wouldn’t that make an even more compelling case for RMAF to scramble and intercept the plane? Someone obviously had slept on the job and it is very unsettling to know that we may have huge holes in our defence system. We still want to know what really happened otherwise we may find ourselves with another plane deviated from its flight path.

44 Firearms Lost – A Small Matter Only

It may sound like they had only lost 44 soiled underwear so we have “nothing” to worry but it is not the case:-

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is satisfied with the explanations given by police over its loss of assets, including 44 firearms highlighted in the 2012 Auditor General’s Report, said its chairman Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed.

“The amount is quite small and does not justify further investigation,” he said, adding the loss of assets in any organisation is normal and this included the police force. “We have to accept there will be some losses when the police are on duty, but in terms of the overall firearms, the number of losses is quite small.

“It’s not significant. In audit terms, it’s not significant for us to warrant further investigation,” he told reporters after chairing the PAC meeting today.


Well, I don’t know about you but for me, what is important is not the number of items lost but rather what was lost. If the police had lost say 44 key-chains, it is nothing to shout about. But if you consider that the item lost is a firearm, then even a lost of 1 is a big issue. The police had lost 44 firearms. It could armed a small army to its teeth. It could be used for armed robberies and assassinations. It is significant and it does warrant further investigation. At end of the day, heads must roll and that is what we expect PAC to do. We don’t expect PAC to trivialize the 44 firearms lost and then sweep it under the carpet. Sigh, I sure hope PAC did not buy into the “fallen into the sea” crappy explanation and decided to close the issue. The outcome is very disappointing.

Too many newspapers will confuse Malaysians

Well, too much of something is not good for anyone – I agree but making the same case on newspapers and news is simply dumb (especially at this age of the internet):-

The Home Ministry had rejected FZ Daily and Malaysiakini’s application for publishing permits to protect the public from the confusion of having access to “too much news”.

“The (number of) newspaper publications with approved publishing permits is sufficient considering the number of readers in the country,” Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said in a parliamentary written reply Tuesday.


When the case was taken to the court, the High Court judge ruled that the Home Ministry’s rejection was “improper and irrational”. And the Court of Appeal upheld the High Court’s decision and thus reconfirming that the rejection was indeed “improper and irrational”. So telling off that having too many newspapers is a bad thing does test one’s logic. At the end of the day, it is all depends on the selling the right news (not the crappy & racial ones from you-know-which-newspaper) and having sizable readership to continue to run the newspaper. No one dies from having too much news. No one goes crazy from reading too many news. And at times (in Malaysia, make it “most of the time”), it makes more sense for one to actually read both side of the story and come out with the right conclusion.

At the end of the day, knowing what Malaysiakini published on the internet, it is nothing but a political laced decision to simply silence the critics and keep the truth on the wrongdoings from surfacing.

And to rub salt on the wound, here we go again – all knowing, charitable and most gracious, whiter than angel politicians wanting to protect the feeble, weak, dumb public from the great danger. If we need any kind of protection, there will be only one – protect us from dumb politicians and their propaganda. We all know why Zahid is shitting in his pants over the application for permit to publish by Malaysiakini. We are not as dumb as he wants us to be.

Well, anyway have a great weekend ahead. Let’s just hope by chance, some of the politicians would start using their brains and we’ll finally hear more intelligent statements from next week onwards.

MH370: Time to Reassess the Shortcomings


(Substitute the chill beer, wine and other liquors on a board with locally made, sugar high cendol and a plane is guaranteed not to crash into the sea – so says a joker in Malaysia. Perhaps he is right but then again this is not the right time and the place to say these things. Some people just don’t get it, do they? Image source:

The fate of the missing plane has somehow been determined – more or less. We can only say our deepest condolences to the families of the crew and passengers of MH370 and hope they would find some kind of closure and peace over the lost of their loved ones. MH370 will be remembered.

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Osama is Dead

(The main icon of Al-Qaeda is no longer exist but it does not mean it is the end of the Al-Qaeda organization. Image source:

It took them 10 years of intense manhunt but Osama Bin Laden – the “man” claimed to be behind 9-11 incident that killed almost 3,000 people is finally dead.

But now, more troubling findings starts to emerge:-

Finally, Osama bin Laden is dead. Yet, the world’s most-wanted man was not killed in the rugged terrains of Pak-Afghan border, but right under the nose of the Pakistan Army establishment, in a safe house 800 metres away from the Pakistan Military Academy in the garrison city of Abbottabad.

I have this strange feeling that Pakistan is now going to condemn this killing, either publicly or privately because it appears to be an operation executed exclusively by the United States in a foreign country. Again, Pakistan will have to tell us more about how much they knew about bin Laden’s presence and activities in that country.


Certainly it would not been easy for the most wanted terrorist in the world to be roaming around in the country for the last 10 years without the knowledge of the Pakistani military. Just how much they knew about Osama’s safe house being near to their military base may need some good explaining to do.

For now, the main face behind terrorism is dead but the war against terrorism continues.

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White Elephant Submarine?

We have not reached to this stage yet…but it does not mean we can start to celebrate

(The strategic role of a submarine to the nation’s maritime defence cannot be ignored but what makes it stink is the way these submarines were purchased and maintained. Image source:

I love submarines – seen Wolfgang Petersen’s excellent Das Boot several times (wished to be an U-Boat captain) and I even wrote a short novel on submarine for my NaNoWriMo project. It is great that we have submarine – not one but two. And recently we received the 2nd submarine, KD 1Malaysia KD Tun Razak in our waters and we were indeed proud of it.

From Malaysia Today (quoting the Malay Mail):-

KD Tunku Abdul Rahman remains at the Teluk Sepanggar naval base in Sabah as problems have again resulted in the submarine being docked.

The Malay Mail was informed by defence industry sources that the unspecified problems were detected after the submarine completed its tropical water trials last month. A routine maintenance check later revealed the problems.

Since then, the submarine has remained at the naval base unfixed.

At first, we became the laughing stock when the Malaysian submarine could not do its basic function – it could not dive and it was so for 3 months before that problem got fixed (permanently?).

Now there seems to be more problems and we are only talking about the first submarine. We have yet to know what problems that the second submarine will face when it goes for sea trials. Ya sure we have warranties for now but what happens in the future when the warranties expires and we need to fork more for repairs (more for commission to the buggers who “facilitated” the repair contracts?)

Some says that the problems that we are facing with the submarine is due to the manner the submarine was purchased in the first place, namely the huge amount of commission (in guise of support and coordination services) that was paid out from the taxpayer’s money – problems will start to crop up, the guy who took the money is nowhere to be seen and the navy & the nation ends up the losing party.

The Government may insist that they have not paid any commission but then again look what Perimekar is contracted to do – prepare accommodation, pay personal allowances, prepare personal insurance, pay for holiday flights for the team and prepare scheduled reports. And we were being made to pay through our noses for this?

The same question that Lim Kit Siang asked in his blog – why can’t the Ministry does the same things for almost “nil contract cost”? Why outsource to a 3rd party who makes RM530 million in the process?

Having a submarine is not waste of taxpayers’ money but having a submarine that does not work certainly is. It is fast becoming a headache for the navy.

Malaysians in Gaza Incident

I really wonder why we are involved in the first place…

(The flotilla of six ships, including the Turkish ferry Mavi Marmara, was on its way from Cyprus to Gaza carrying supplies including cement, paper and water purification tablets that was intercepted by the Israelis. Image source: BBC)

Let’s get something right first – it is a fact that Malaysia does not formally recognise Israel. It is a fact that the Palestine issue is not a new one and despite strong objections on the issue by the global community for decades, nothing positive had happened (Palestinians are still screwed until today).

So I wonder why 18 Malaysians (12 have returned after arrested), knowing that they are going to face the Israeli military (or at least the administration which is not recognised by Malaysia), opted to join the flotilla that was destined to break a naval blockade to Gaza. Why they are in Gaza when certain places in Malaysia and some Malaysians are in shit-holes themselves? Where were these 12 jokers when there a massive crisis in Darfur, Sudan? Was it because the perpetrator in Darfur was Muslims and in Gaza was Jews?

Malaysian Defence reports:-

I remembered, last year, when the peacekeeping mission to Lebanon was announced, Malaysia was tripping its heels to get its troops there.

This time around, it is strangely in a slow motion mode. No one is talking about the number of troops to be sent, just considering and waiting. They even sent a special envoy to check what is going on down there! Which is to me, a clear indication of our wariness of sending troops there

For Unifil, we offered 1,500 troops even before the UN make an offer. In the end, after much wrangling, we got 300 troops.

Didn’t they know that when they play with fire, there is a big chance they might get burned? And when the Israelis did response strongly to the flotilla, some Malaysians and the nothing else to do political parties in the country (both from BN & PR) cried fault.

But then again, the question, many failed to ask, is why?

BBC in its Q&A page tries to answer the question:-

Why did Israel want to stop the flotilla?

Israel and Egypt prevent a large range of goods from reaching Gaza, in order to put pressure on the Hamas government. These include cement and scaffolding, which it says can be used to make launchers for rockets, but also a range of other goods which do not undermine Israeli security. Israel also wanted to check that the ships did not contain deliveries of weapons or cash. It offered to allow the flotilla to land in an Israeli port, and to deliver by road any goods that passed its checks.

Some previous flotillas have been allowed to reach Gaza; others have been turned round and sent back. It is not clear why this latest one was greeted by a commando-style raid. It may have been because of the size of the largest boat, the Turkish-owned Mavi Marmara carrying nearly 600 passengers, which made it difficult to board by pulling up alongside.

Did Israel breach international law?

This is disputed. A Turkish draft resolution circulated at the UN Security Council described the attack as a violation of international law. Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu called the raid “tantamount to banditry and piracy” and “murder conducted by a state”.

Israel’s foreign ministry says that under international maritime law, when a maritime blockade is in effect, no boats can enter the blockaded area. It adds: “Any vessel that violates or attempts to violate a maritime blockade may be captured or even attacked under international law.”

The buggers who went with the flotilla almost themselves killed or arrested and yet here we are, questioning the other party on the wrong doing. And who are we to tell others on what to do?

When other cries fault on how the Malaysian Government conduct itself, the local politicians (clearly unfit for the post that they are holding) come over and shout to others to mind their own business. Now we are telling Israelis that what they did was wrong – it would not be a surprise if the Israeli Government comes back and ask the Malaysians to “f-off”.

Malaysia is not an ideal country – it is perceived by many here and abroad as a police state, with double standards applied to the elite ruling parties and another to rest of Malaysia. We are not angels so we cannot expect others to be one. And those 12 Malaysians were simply at the wrong place and at the wrong time and they were not “heroes”, they were just busy-bodies, getting into other people’s conflicts. And when they get in trouble, time and huge resources have to be deployed to “rescue” them – sigh!.

Let’s focus on the shit that is happening at our own front yard (read: Well said, TDM) and work to make the country on a better footing on economy, human rights, civil justice and governance before we venture to tell others.

(Meantime, 6 jokers Malaysians are still in a ship approaching Gaza with “Israel’s prime minister has vowed the ship will not reach land”. Good luck, Amigos! After facing criticism from the global community, it is unlikely that the Israelis would back down now – that means they will lose face)

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