2010 Reflection: Year of the BN


(Never underestimate the power of impressions, more so if it was handled by professionals. Image source: https://iheartintelligence.com)

2010 was unfortunately “their” year but they deserved it – they played their cards rights

One of the few best things that BN under Najib did in 2010 (although it was long, long overdue) was getting a new President for MIC but then again, MIC is old news and the old President did not go away with empty hands.

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Malaysian Politics 101: New Found Care In State of Selangor?

Misi Tawan Selangor

(What is the real mission of “Misi Tawan Selangor”? Want to wrestle back the state for the good of the people in Selangor or to continue the nonsense that happened before the last general election? Image source: Suara Johore Online)

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Politics 101: Jumping Ship Excuse – Money Hungry or Better Service?

Sultan Perak Sultan Azlan Shah Keshwinder Singh A/L Keshmir ExcuseSingh

(Seriously what is the excuse now – Keshwinder Singh standing next to the DAP frog that caused the huge mess in Perak for many months and unnecessary legal suits and public protests during the good times, of course. Image source: http://daulattuanku.blogspot.com / BERNAMA)

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Politics 101: Hulu Selangor By-Election Poser Part 2

Mahathir Dr M Hulu Selangor

(In the battle in Hulu Selangor, the Grand Old Man Mahathir is still active in the war zone after retirement. Image source: http://www.mir.com.my/)

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STOP: Selangor

(Before STOP, there were many other missions. Image source: Malaysia Today)

STOP = Selangor Take Over Plan

STOP is the latest campaign launched by the oppositions in the state of Selangor (that’s BN to you and me) to wrestle back the state from Pakatan Rakyat. This, I guess, is the latest of many campaigns in the past – perhaps probably after the failed “we need more jumping frogs” campaign.… [Click to read the rest] “STOP: Selangor”

Politics 101: Hulu Selangor By-Election Poser Part 1

G. Palanivel MIC Indian Hulu Selangor

(Samy Vellu’s right-hand man – G. Palanivel, the MIC man who is likely to stand for BN in Hulu Selangor. Image source: Malay Mail)

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Who’s Money, Bro?

(Will Putrajaya makes decisions that will benefit Malaysians as whole or make decisions solely based on political standing of the State Governments? Image source: http://mir.com.my)

Another case of Federal Government helping out the politicians at State level based on their political affliction.

From theStar:-

The Federal Government will provide matching grant to Sarawak’s Barisan Nasional MPs and assemblymen on whatever financial aid they receive from the state government next year.

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Ya Right, Khir! – Part 2

(Remember when Khir Toyo said that he had nothing to gain from toppling the Selangor Government? Then, Khir, what is the purpose of launching “Misi Tawan Selangor” (Conquer Selangor Mission) all about? Image source: Malaysia Today)

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