Indian Cinema 101: Blatant Mockery of Military Tactics in Wild Dog 2021

military uri surgical strike tactics movie hindi

Every movie regardless it is romantic, action, war or comedy, there must be a sense of good storyline and when it comes to action or war, there must be a good use of tactics. If it involves the military, then we expect nothing but the very best when it comes to tactics, skills, strategy and use of specialised weapons.

Just look at the tactics and weapons used in the 2019 blockbuster – Uri: The Surgical Strike. They even got the badges and stripes on the uniform just right. Image source: Bollywood Hungama.

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National Security 101: Can Anyone Steal Data From Undersea Cables?

undersea cable submarine

A submarine communications cable (or undersea cable) is a cable laid on the sea bed between land-based stations to carry telecommunication signals across stretches of ocean and sea. A large chunk of it passes by the Straits of Malacca which is also one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world these days. Image source: Submarine Cable Map.

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The Dreadful & Inactive Persatuan


(The familiar facade of almost every Persatuan in residential areas in this country.  But setting this up and running it on a regular basis is not easy. Image source: TheStar)

I guess it is high time I stop apologizing for not doing up my blog post and I did consider ending the good old days of blogging for once and for all. But then again, I might come in here occasionally to pen down my thoughts and latest happenings.

Seriously I have been busy spending more time for myself – playing games on my smartphone (what else?), spending more precious time with my kids (I love it when my kid sits on me and ask me to read her a story) and whenever possible for that extra hour of sleep and exercise. There have been another development this year and that is quickly turning into my pet project as well – my involvement with the Resident’s Association (RA) or in Bahasa Malaysia, known as “Persatuan Penduduk“.

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Tech News 101: 1Email, The Worst Case Scenarios

email technews online

(Dealing with “not so up-to-date with the latest technology” government servants on official business can be tricky at times – especially when things are not so clear like the use of free, secured emails for official communications. Image source: Flickr)

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Tech News 101: Free Email for Everyone?

email technews online technology

(Is there a real and valid reason to have an email address? How about when the Government have decided to create one email for all Malaysians? Image source:

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Protected: Personal 101: Taking Office Email Response Positively

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Governance 101: Old School Hard Censorship, Will He Change Too?

change internet minister

(“Trust meeeee and please change, who needs the Internet? It is a Western tool to erode our culture and way of our life.  I know this, I am in charge of information and communications old school! Image source:

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English 101: The Wrong Email Styling Impressions

email language english communication

Sometimes, you can tell the difference from how people write things down or draft the content of their emails and then send it out to others. Image source: Reddit

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