National Security 2020: ISIS Terrorists – Why Indonesia Can Do It, We Can’t?


Seriously, the Pakatan Harapan Government needs to go to a corner and reflect on its decision when it comes to bringing back former ISIS terrorists and their radicalised families back to Malaysia. Why we are rolling out red carpet to these terrorists? Infographic source: ISIS

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Malaysia Air Quality Index @ 20.09.2019 – 06.35 pm

Air Quality Index

(The status of Malaysia Air Quality Index – Source)

The API in the last 2 days have been bad so much so, schools in Selangor have been closed for the past week. It is even worse in Sarawak:-

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Indonesia Fire Hotspots & Haze

Indonesia Fire Hotspots Kalimantan

(No smoke without fire – the problem is haze does not respect borders. The hot spots are mainly emitting from Indonesia. Image source: ASMC)

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Environment 101: Haze, The Smoke Gets In My Eyes, Again!

smoke haze

(The hotspot in Indonesia is a yearly affair and it somehow the haze had become “tolerable” when by right it should not be the case. The above when Singapore faced the worst from the slash & burn activities in Indonesia. Image source:

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Travel Warning – Indonesia?

(The dance in contention – the pendet dance. Image source: Flickr)

From Unspun’s blog:-

Another indication that the Indonesia-Malaysia spat is getting a bit out of hand is this incident yesterday (see clip from Jakarta Globe below), where ultra-nationalists armed with “sharpened bamboo sticks” stopped cars and motorcycles in Jakarta to look for Malaysians.

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Haze – The “Real” cause of it

Everyone knows that the source of the haze – it is from opening burning and Indonesia is the biggest culprit of all. It is not a secret. Everyone knows. But do you want to know the real cause of haze? Poor farmer in Indonesia? Nah, you are wrong!

This is what I think is the real cause.… [Click to read the rest] “Haze – The “Real” cause of it”

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