World Affairs 101: The Great Tragic Loss of Beautiful Kabul to Taliban

Taliban Afghanistan Kabul Islamic Lashes

This happened as recent as April 2020 where the Taliban decided and lashed out 40 lashes at a helpless woman whose crime is only talking to a young man on the phone. And suddenly some like Hadi Awang decided that the Taliban have changed for the better. Image source: The Observers.

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Quotable Quotes 101: Not Paying Taxes

Foremost, rest in peace to former South African President Nelson Mandela who passed away last Thursday. A real statesman like him will be greatly missed.


(Here’s one fine example of “instead of giving priority to the minorities, just concentrate on the majority”, courtesy of the Taliban – never forget one’s history even if it took place thousand years ago when “ketuanan” thing was almost non-existence and traders, preachers and intellectuals from every great civilizations made this country their home and trading port. Image source: Wikipedia)

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Overseas Assignment 2007: Flying into Dangerous Kabul Again?


This is what was going in my mind now as I am sitting in my office on a Saturday night, pondering over an issue that my colleague in Kabul have just sent me over the email. Image source: Politico Magazine

The matter was not on the issue but more disturbing was another email  – from the client’s CEO to my big boss requesting me to be assigned to Kabul to help out on the system. Flattering I must say that the client’s CEO added the word “competent staff” but as much as I wanted to go, there are other factors running through my mine now.

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