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Quotable Quotes 101: Not Paying Taxes

Foremost, rest in peace to former South African President Nelson Mandela who passed away last Thursday. A real statesman like him will be greatly missed.


(Here’s one fine example of “instead of giving priority to the minorities, just concentrate on the majority”, courtesy of the Taliban – never forget one’s history even if it took place thousand years ago when “ketuanan” thing was almost non-existence and traders, preachers and intellectuals from every great civilizations made this country their home and trading port. Image source: Wikipedia)

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Overseas Assignment 2007: Flying into Dangerous Kabul Again?


This is what was going in my mind now as I am sitting in my office on a Saturday night, pondering over an issue that my colleague in Kabul have just sent me over the email. Image source: Politico Magazine

The matter was not on the issue but more disturbing was another email  – from the client’s CEO to my big boss requesting me to be assigned to Kabul to help out on the system. Flattering I must say that the client’s CEO added the word “competent staff” but as much as I wanted to go, there are other factors running through my mine now.

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