YB Lim to blog and he rocks!


After Shahrir’s “so-called” one sided (and often testing our intelligence) blog, we have finally one from the Opposition Party.
Lim Kit Siang has joined the blogsphere and he is humble enough to ask his readers to call him “Kit” (Picture source: AP).

Now, current event blogging should be picking up heat now that Kit has joined in with his comments and analysis on the politic news (some are also shown in the DAP website). This coupled with the brilliants insights from Aiseh Man, Mack and Jeff Ooi (there’s more I know), the understanding of “what’s really happening” behind Malaysian’s politics’ “sandiwara” could be clearer to the common rakyat like you and me.

I have “known” DAP since I was still small. Spending a good of my younger days in Serdang (once a stronghold of DAP), I still remember of the big “rocket” made of wood along the main road. That itself became a landmark to go my grandma’s house. I still remember the time when my uncle was giving direction to someone “After the rocket, go up another 1 km, turn left…”.

When DAP decided to “hold hands” with PAS for the general election, coupled with well tuned propaganda (?) from the “other” parties, I lost respect to Lim Kit Siang and his DAP. I must agree that I occasionally visit his homepage but that too for checking things out (sometimes I just can’t trust our local dailies…some stories are just too good to be true but I don’t blame them).

Now, reading his comments from a very familiar looking template, I find that it is easier to digest some of his thoughts and criticise the rest.

I am not much into politics but unfortunately none of us can escape from the blunders that some politicians do (and they have the cheek to call it as the “right thing” to do). So, sometimes, it is better to have the story from the correct sources to understand the “how, why, who, when and where”.

Until then, I will finish this…with a warm welcome to Kit.

Happy blogging. Remember blogging rocks!

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