Morib – the deserted beach

Saw this in The Star yesterday:-

The Selangor Government has often announced that it has grand plans to turn Morib into a huge tourist draw. However, the shallow beach which used to be a popular holiday spot is fast losing its appeal. The situation, the traders said, is getting from bad to worse.

Morib…yes, that seaside place in Selangor is actually special place in my memory.

That is the place where I first saw the sea. I still remember clearly the day we went there. I was 8 years old and we were at home reading magazines. It was about 10.00 am and my Dad suddenly popped the question “Shall we go to Morib?” At first I thought it must be some relatives’ house in a place called Morib but when my mom packed sandwiches and our towels, I know then we were going to picnic sort of.

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My dad lost in his thoughts while looking at the sea. His favorite past time is fish from the rocks here. According to him, he used to come here when he was small with his friends for a swim and to “lepak-lepak” around

When we reached there, I could not believe my eyes. The sea was vast, having no borders as far as my eyes can see. The tide was down, so we had our lunch early and soon, I was down at the beach with my Dad, chasing all the small crabs. I did not know then but I did a lot of “CSI” stuff with the crabs then. Another activity, to look for “kerang” or better word is “lala”.

It will be on the surface and all it takes is for us to rub around our feet against the sand to reveal it. The moment that we will wait for is when the tide is up. It will be the time to hit the water and so reckless of me, I usually find myself overwhelmed with the sudden increase of the sea water. Luckily my Dad will be close to “rescue” me. I can’t swim, so I end up wading through the water and playing “catching” with the waves. It was fun.

We had the best time that day, leaving just after 6.30 pm. Feeling tired and sun-burned, my dad would stop the car at one of the houses along the Banting road and got for us, cocoa to munch along the way. To close off the chapter, we have steamed “lala” with Maggi chili sauce before hitting the bed. We are just too tired to be awake.

These days, we only go to Morib for the temple and for nothing else. After prayers, we would stop by the Morib beach for breakfast and a look at the sea (bringing back the good old memories). Yes, the tiny crabs are still there. Port Dickson has become our choice now for a swim in the sea.

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Before going to the beach, a pit stop at a temple just 2 km before the beach. The atmosphere is cooling and peaceful. These days, we go to Morib for the temple more than for the beach