Cop’s story – read it to believe it

Today, The Star had a story titled “Cops foil robbery at cigarette hoarder’s house”. For those who have read the story, I am sure, will be wondering about the “sleek silvery Toyota MR2 driven by a police officer, rammed into the robbers car” (picture source: The Star).

However, I must admit that it is not everyday, you see our police chasing robbers with high performance cars.…

Those who cannot park properly are bastards!


Definition: BASTARD (n.) – 1. A child born out of wedlock 2 Something that is of irregular, inferior, or dubious origin.

My friend and I decided to go a dinner late last night and we drove to one of our favorite Mamak restaurant in Puchong. When we reached there, we had a hard time looking for a parking spot.…

Poll result: What is the main reason why Indian community in Malaysia not doing well?

It is an irony that the day I am closing the poll, I am reading about the downfall of the “Deva Gang” in the newspapers. It is an irony indeed

I wish to thank all who participated on the short poll especially those who added the link in their blog.…

Hamburglar – my son’s first impression

Look at the above picture and tell me whether it’s looks frightening or not…No, no…look closely again. Not frightening?

Now look from a 1++ year old point of view.

Last week, me and my wife decided to hop in to McDonalds for a short dinner treat. Firstly we had some McDonald’s coupons Secondly it has been awhile we had McNuggets (used to eat them for lunch and dinner when I was still working in a bank).

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