End of Mankind?

(The surrounding on Earth in thousands years looked something like this but it was darker and more sinister. Weird! – picture source: lasp.colorado.edu)

I was down with a fever & a bad cold (after my trip to Taiping). I popped up my medication (quite a strong and drowsy one) and went to bed early (no time to draft my blog). Man, that night, I had the weirdest dream – even to myself. Good thing I remember it vividly when I woke up this morning (funny, normally the dreams with “4 Ekor” is very sketchy)

This is what I dreamt (edited with Indian spices, of course)…I was part of an International Team to be send to the future to study how mankind will go extinct (I know I know, sound very funny but it was not funny in my dream especially having some grumpy looking “Mat-Sallehs” handling the mission control). There were 5 of us – 3 males and 2 females (good looking ones too). Sorry to say that I was the only Malaysian selected (of course mah, it is my dream mah). So, we were launched by NASA into space in a big space ship (the only thing I remembered before we were in space is the countdowns 3, 2, launch!). I was at back of the ship, chit-chatting with one of the female “astronauts” (very typical of me). We went into hyper-drive and circled the Earth several times. We could see that time was moving into the future.

After several circles, we stopped and flied down to Earth to “check-out” things on Earth (my head was “spinning” at the same time – must reduce my medications the next time).

We have moved few hundred years to the future and guess what, things have not really changed in the last few hundred years (I did not see any Proton then so I guess the Government must have wind up the company). The nasi lemak shop at the corner was still there but the human is replaced by a odd looking robot. We, the “astronauts” were of course invisible to the Earthlings and protected by an invisible shield which was a good thing because we still saw the “Mat Rempits” racing in KL.

Felt boring, we flew up and circled the Earth couple of rounds again (just to be sure) and flew down again

Couple of hundred of years passed by – yes, there is a change. The females of the Earth have become the more predominant gender and were basically in charge of things in Earth. The males are left to do the house-work, do sundry shopping and taking care of babies. The ladies in the spaceship were seen shouting “Yes. Yes” but we guys (being a typical one) just ignored them. The cities were modern and they actually have cars that fly. I guess women run things better than guys did.

We flew up and circled the Earth couple of rounds again and flew down again

The cities were gone and what left were small villages. The surrounding was pollution free and males & females live in co-existence peacefully. My Captain jokingly said that the males must have arisen to free themselves from the “slavery” and ending burning down the cities. Years have passed by before they decided to live together with the other sex (no prizes for guessing what they were doing for their “malam jumaats” before this). We stopped by one of the house (had a large farm beside the house) and had breakfast (you guess it right roti canai with thick dhal). The residents were amazed by us and thought that we were aliens. We lived there for couple of days, acting God for the weak, innocent humans. We in power then (of course, large stick is no match for super duper ray gun). Anyway, we got bored and we were back on the mission (although I did not agree – it was too good to let the easy life pass by)

Now it seems like mankind will live forever. Once again, we flew up and circled the Earth couple of rounds and flew down again

We were shocked – the Earth has truly changed. The landscape was similar to the one in Mars. What happened to peace loving villages? We were speechless and as we flew down, we were attacked by a huge bird. Luckily I managed to kill it with the laser gun that we had (once in a while, have to be the hero also mah). As we landed, we noted that it was a waste barren land. There were huge storms but no soul to be found. We were still in the spacecraft when one of us detected movement under ground. We flew down to a deep canyon and yes, we found the Earthlings – all were naked and weak (ok, not exactly naked, they still had some patch of clothes to cover their sensitive parts – Malaysian Censorship Board at work again). One of them managed to crack open the ground and immediately all were swept by an unknown virus, turning them into ash instantly. There – it was the end of the mankind as we know it.

I was still drowsy (with bones aching) when I was typing this blog – go figure.

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