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December 2005

My Top 6 Steps for the Beauty Of Motorcycling


(Honda CBR600RR used to be my dream bike ever since I saw it for the 1st time in an UK motorcycling magazine. However the nearest Honda that I could ride on was the classic, low powered Honda Cub. Picture source: Wikipedia )

Aren’t you just amazed on how someone can balance themselves on 2 wheels at 90 km/h?

Ya, there is the law of physics and all that but really, try sitting on a bike and take the feet up. Unless you already know use the bicycle, the chances are you will be leaning to one side and fall.I used to love motorcycling – when I was riding on one. These days, I just hate them – the riders, not the machine. There have been few close calls between them and me.

My brother & my cousin is still riding a bike to work and I am praying for the day when they can finally sell off their bikes & drive a car. It is less adventurous but to some degree, safer.

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Gambling – only at 4D shops?

(This is extreme case of gambling – cartoon source:

I was at my neighbourhood 4D shop yesterday – I rather call it “investing”So there I was patiently waiting in line to purchase the numbers when I overhead 2 Indonesians talking to each other. It was an interesting conversation (translated into “Manglish” for convenience sake):-

Indon 1: Isn’t gambling forbidden in Islam?… [Click to read the rest] “Gambling – only at 4D shops?”

Want to be first class sportsmen? Don’t train in Malaysia!

(Najib congratulating Nicol – to have the right sense not to train in Malaysia? And who is that in the middle? Picture source: The Star)

Najib should be our Sports Minister. No, I am serious. He should be since he made 2 valid points about sports excellence in Malaysia.

The first was in February when Najib said that Malaysia did Vijay Singh a big favor by not granting him permanent residence.… [Click to read the rest] “Want to be first class sportsmen? Don’t train in Malaysia!”

Tech News 101: My 10 Golden Rules On Computing

computer computing laptop

(Definition of computing is an act of operating & using a computer and I guess soon the word “act” maybe need to replaced with the word “art”.Glasbergen’s cartoon says it all. Cartoon source:

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