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Blogging in Bangkok

Day 11 in Bangkok and counting…

Blogging from somewhere far, far away can be a great thing. There are tons of story to tell…about places, people, food and whatever incidents that I encounter each day.


For me, Bangkok is not far from home but blogging has helped friends & family to keep up with things that we do and see in Bangkok. I used to write long emails to my wife on daily events when I was in Ghana couple years ago. These days, it is almost the same – I still type long stories for the blog and emails but now I do it in style with photos. Whenever I am faced with a mental block for the blog, I just let the photos to tell the stories.


Photos have been crucial to me in this trip to Bangkok – I even carry my camera during lunchtime or whenever I step out from the hotel room. Yes, I get some “confused” looks from the locals whenever I am busy taking the photos. But then again, I guess I get away with it because I am foreigner. They must think that it must be one crazy foreigner (crazy enough to be taking pictures of decorative lights on the ceiling in a fast food restaurant)


The keyboard at my workplace – it has been “Thai-lised”. So, guess what, I can learn Thai characters whilst doing my work. F9 on the keyboard is pronounced as F-Kau in Thai (it may sound vulgar but trust me, it is not).


When it is late at night and we have completed our work (but we still have couple of minutes before we go back), I roam around the office to check what may be interesting to be taken on the camera. Pots of plant near the main window provided an unique angle for end of the day shot.
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