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Perils of Parking in Bangkok



Day 10 in BangkokI shot the above photo from the BTS station in Mo Chit.

The cars in the photo are parked at BTS designated parking lots. So, if anyone wants to take the BTS to the city center, they will just park their car at this parking lot, walk a short distance and take the BTS. It is convenient and safe.

At a glance, it looked like a "planned" 4 cars "pile-up" or as what I speculate, the green 4WD was parked in a way that it hit the black 4WD which in turn hit the white pickup and so on. The driver of the green 4WD then ignorantly (possible unless he too been hit from the back) parked the car and walked away despite the fact that his car has squeezed up the spaces between the said cars. It will be interesting to see how the drivers of the black 4WD and white pickup going to take out their cars assuming the car at the extreme back and extreme front has not been taken out first.

I thought it was a one off incident but when I scanned around on and there are other cars parked that way. The car park was full indeed (mind you that this was on a Sunday morning) and perhaps this could be the reason why people want to squeeze into whatever little space they have to park their cars. However, if I am one of the drivers where my cars been squeezed in from the back & from the front, it will definitely going to turn me into a rage road.
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