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“Fine” UPM Students!

If this is the kind of quality that the Government is pushing in the local Universities, then we are screwed!

The source does not say what the issue is and what of the cause of the ruckus by idiots but reading into the comments in the YouTube, it was commented that the Chinese guy (with the signboard) was actually collecting money for charity. Those guys were keeping their cool (Mahatma Gandhi would have been proud of them) in the midst of “monkeys” trying to provoke a fight.

The fat a##hole with the short pants and orange shirt should have picked someone of his own size and stand like a man to fight. Instead he acts like a big bully, trying to intimidate a smaller built and obviously a peaceful person. What a coward! I hope he is bashed up by some gangsters or run down by a big truck on his way home. He does not deserve a place in the university or in society.

When thousands of brilliant STPM students are left out without a place in the local universities, morons like the ones in the video are taking precious place and making a fool of themselves, the university and of course the Government. Perhaps they were taking cue from some “keris” wielding politicians.

Enough said…have a look at the video (courtesy of Merdeka Review) and decide for yourself.



The original URL for the video is here

UPDATE: The Sensintrovert has more in his blog here Tag: Attitude

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11 thoughts on ““Fine” UPM Students!”

  1. yeah the goon in orange should pick someone his size, they are in no place to be in a University …

    and the last guy who was doing the finale shouting, he should be out too …

  2. face me, i am his size…maybe bigger. Get him a taste of his own medicine. Face me and bring on 10 people, just to be fair for i will break every single bones in his tiny ass body

  3. you know what, if given the chance…i feel like killing those bastards and shoving those chairs up their asses….it made me so angry that i almost drove all the way to UPM and just do that…they are actually cowards…they shout to bring their spirits up..but in real life, they are fucking cowards whom are lazy, child or grandparent rapers, cheating money from their own kind and others, bullies, snatch thieves, and so on…tell them to come out and face us, they will pee in their pants!! all i can say is that they are fuck-faces who fuck their own parents. (they are so supporting of each other in the video, maybe they are fucking each other too…think about the big bully and the spectacle guy having a big orgy with all the other fuck-faces there!)

  4. Terenceg – I am sure that if the fatso was facing you, he would have walked away cowardly

    Tomkat – Thinking the same as you – very pissed off with the state of students these days – puppets with small brains

  5. those bastards……those bastards……this is just as similar to 13may only on a visually smaller scale. those poor chinese students, trying to do good and helpful to other students, but were instead intimidated and heckled by the fucking goons….yet they remain calm and peaceful under those barbaric mobsters! i salute you guys for showing the world how educated and civilised students should behave; and i salute the fucking goons for having the courtesy of showing the whole world what we non-bumi malaysian students have been going thru all these years! thank you all!!! thank you you fucking bastards!!!!

  6. In fact, these faces and behaviours are repeating each year in the campus! I remembered when i was in the first year in UPM 13 years ago, i was shouted by a gang of K…..nese when i approached one of the 2nd hostel blocks. They claimed that i m not ‘sopan’ juz bcoz i was wearing shorts that time! Most of them were lepaking, riding their 150cc or > motorbikes which r under the government sponsored ‘loans’, smoking……, in short, doing nothing but mere spending the taxpayers money, n then claimed that they r graduates!!!!!!

  7. sudah la…

    “jangan gado! jangan gado!”

    “blah!!! blah!!! blah!!!”

    damn.. what happened to the youth today?
    belum abis blajar, dah nak start tunjuk belang,
    cari pengaruh, tunjuk hero..

    tunggu la ko dah abis belajar nanti,
    kita tengok ko dpt keja atau tak..
    perangai ngalahkan binatang,
    buat malu kaum je.. “blah!!!”

  8. fuck …..fucking.. idoit… bastard…
    pleasa tell the truth….to all people…
    dont be coward…
    dont try to manipulated the story…
    i u really love your country dont create story if u dont know real situatoin…….MERDEKA……MERDEKa…..

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