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It’s Ice Cream Time!

Kids love ice cream, don’t they and in the current hot spell, there is no doubt about it. Even the adults are jumping into the act these days.

Whenever we hop into Tesco Puchong, my son would cry out for an ice cream from the McDonalds counter and most of the time we will oblige to the request. It’s cheap, quick and convenient – we will end up finishing it before we reach our car. But for the last few weeks, we kind of ignored his “hand signals” to stop over the McDonalds counter. He had slight flu and we don’t want to aggravate it by buying him an ice cream (I was also not feeling well but that’s a different story).

Last weekend was an exception though…

It was a hot afternoon. We were watching TV and all the sudden my son walked up to me with a picture of an ice cream from his “ABC Book” and keep saying “Ise Ise” (aka ice). It was clear on what he wanted. So I asked him “Danesh, do you want ice cream?” and he was quick to reply “Ssss” (that’s yes for him). In fact I was thinking of having ice cream myself and so did my wife, my parents and my siblings. So I went and bought for everyone cone ice cream. The first to take hold of it and take a bit of the cold chocolate was my son. He had his mouth firmly on the ice cream even before my wife could tear away the wrappers.

Luckily my wife had the good sense of taking off my son’s shirt and pants before he had an ice cream on his hands. He was so busy with it that he did not care much of the drips of chocolate and vanilla on his face, stomach, hands, drypers, the sofa and my shirt. He was busy not only with his own ice cream but also mine & my wife’s ice cream as well. He must have thought it is different flavor. By the time he finished, he was in a big mess but seem satisfied.

He behaved well when my wife bathed him moments later and took his afternoon nap without much fuss. Perhaps because he had a good treat or perhaps it was because I promised another ice cream if he behaved well.

Either way, he was a good boy when ice creams are around. Hmmm? Tag: Danesh

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