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Learning to Relax Again

For the last couple of days, I have been going through some tense moments.

I had to do an internal training for some new staff and I was mentally prepared for it. It is not like I was doing the training for the first time. I have done numerous training both internal & external so I had this one more or less covered. But what I did not expect to have an experienced system consultant to be sitting in during the training. On the first day, as I was showing the new staff the features of the system, the system consultant pointed out on some of the mistakes that I did – there are some errors in the way I explained some of the system features or had it completely wrong.

Pointing out my mistakes was not that bad – it was good because I learned something & corrected myself and I avoided teaching the wrong things to the new staff. I am not sure what happened next but somehow I got panic (or rather nervous). At times, I became unsure whether I am saying the right things (even though it was) or showing the right menus. Perhaps I had too many things in my mind. Unfortunately for me, this system consultant sat in my class for the whole 3 days of training and she did point out new flows and some internal parameters that I was not aware off.

I would have wished that she was not in my class but the fact that she showed the correct flow and gave critical information made worth my “little embarrassment” in the class. I was smarter with the system flow by the time the class ended.

Yesterday was my final day for training and I felt that some pressure had taken off from my shoulders. I definitely learned on the system but somehow went astray in relaxing. I forgot to take deep breathe in and breathe out. So for that night at home, I decided on something that less tense (which meant I need to stop playing Football Manager 2006). Someone left “The Da Vinci Code” novel at home so it made sense to start reading it whilst having SP Bala humming away some 80’s Tamil songs in the background. I guess I would have read till 30 odd pages yesterday into the thriller and I was already hooked to the story.

This morning, I woke late – it was intentional. It is surprising how an extra 10 minutes of sleep would do to your system in the morning. I was slow thereafter. Took breakfast leisurely and watched the morning news. I walked up to the car with a slow pace and even had the time to dust away the floor mat. Queue jumpers and road hoggers did not bother me today – I know I was early and there was no need for me to rush. I stopped at the Projet petrol station – the fuel tank was full so I checked on my tires instead – all four of them. Stopped at the junction and took my time to cut into the traffic.

I was still early, so I checked my mails, prepared replies. Checked my RSS Feed and smiled at some of the “juicy” and funny posts. There were plenty of work on my desk but I was cool about it.

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