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Hell Taxi Ride

(Day 3 in Dubai)

Taxis in Dubai are big, expensive (to Malaysian standards) and certainly fast!

There is a limitation as to how many passengers that a taxi can take here in Dubai. The maximum is 4 and not more. Of course, we been riding on taxis taking 5 passengers, for a price of course. It is comfortable and the most taxi drivers are from Pakistan or India, so it will not be a surprise to listen to A R Rahman music in the taxi.

Due to the weather in Dubai (cold at 24’C), most taxis don’t use the air-conditioner which is fine with us but since they are being driven fast, the cold wind blowing into our faces has not been a good thing as well. And talking about driving fast, it seems to be an unique characteristic of the taxis here. Driving around at 120 km/h is the norm here and even at corners or in traffic jams, the speed is still neck breaking up to 70 to 90 km/h. When the taxi reaches 120 km/h, a warning light lights up in the dashboard and the driver slows down the taxi but not for long. Sometimes, they continue to drive at that speed although there is a slower moving vehicles in the front, only to be braking hard at the very last moment. Certainly a big difference from the taxis in Malaysia or Bangkok.

The start taxi fare is 3.50 Dhr and a trip from our hotel to our workplace cost about 30 – 35 Dhr. This is little bit expensive but the higher fare for probably for the hell ride in the Dubai taxis. Tag: Other Travel

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