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Dubai Glorious Food

(Day 4 in Dubai)

When it comes to me trying to be funny and decided to lose weight, my wife is always right in her forecast.

I mentioned to her before leaving for Dubai that I would probably be so busy with work that I may have less time to be eating. In that way, I probably can lose weight. She looked at me, laughed and in the end, her response was that “me in Dubai losing weight” was a rather impossible thing to do. And yes, she was right after all. With good choices of food for our spoil, it was really difficult to keep away from having good food almost every time of the day.

We been having a rather heavy Indian food for the last 4 days especially having various types of briyani (mutton, chicken and fish). It was not so oily or laced with extra ghee unlike the briyanis back in Malaysia.

If that was not enough, our breakfast in 2 days has been masala thosai instead of the light weight regular thosai. Add that with tea and coffee in betweens and that adds more to the type of heavy stuff that we been taking. What else we could do? It is either the heavy Indian food or the heavy cholesterol high fast food. At least, the heavy Indian food was closer to home with mango pickles, sambar and vegetables.

We went to Malabar restaurant 2 days ago on our way back from work. After ordering our drinks, we had a look at the menu – there was the usuals with various types curry, vegetables and chicken dishes. I opted for chicken pepper curry with plain rice. It has all the spices blended into one hot peppered curry. It was good for I was sweating for the first time after arriving in Dubai (with temperature of 24’C for the last 4 days). Finally my tongue had found the taste that it was used to have back home. The food was cheap too – it cost about 24 Dhr (In Dubai, that is cheap although the briyani that we sometimes order for lunch is only 7 Dhr)

Yesterday, we decided on something else – it was late when we finally decided to call it a day at the workplace. So the best choice was a quick bite at one of the fast food joints near our hotel. We were walking towards the joint when we noticed a seafood restaurant which looked like a high class restaurant. The place looked good and clean and the various types seafood was displayed prominently on the main counter. We decided to check it out – we entered in and wanted to see the menu (and the price). When we got it, we were surprised that it was cheaper than what we will be paying for our meal in a fast food joint. So, we decided there and then that we will have seafood for tonight’s dinner. I opted for chicken in garlic sauce and sweet & sour vegetables to go with the egg fried rice. Added with a soft drink and soup of the day, it only cost me about 20 Dhr in total.

The fast food joints in Dubai is expensive. We had KFC on the first night we were in Dubai and it cost us about 20 Dhr for a skinny looking, oily chicken, salad that tasted very raw and that too was not that tasty – spicy chicken that was not that spicy. Talking about being spicy, the thing that we noticed in the restaurants in Dubai is that they don’t serve chilly sauce. There is the tomato sauce and sometimes some Tobasco sauce but never a proper chilly sauce. This frustrated my colleagues so much that we actually went to the Carrefour in Emirates Mall to buy a proper chilly sauce. I guess it must a Malaysian thing to do because we also noticed that the sauce that we purchased was actually manufactured in Malaysia.

Ya, Malaysia boleh! Damn, what’s wrong with we, Malaysians – any fried food without chilly sauce in our mind is going against the law of nature. I am missing the chilly sauce too – ha ha. Tag: Food

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