Gong Xi Fatt Chai

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Read how the Dog got into the Chinese Zodiac and how the Cock got into the Chinese Zodiac and you will understand how the Pig got into the Chinese Zodiac

Happy Chinese New Year and happy holidays!

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Viva Las “Dubai”

(Picture source: http://www.theworld.dubai-city.de)

The flight to Dubai has been confirmed – in wee hours of Thursday morning and we are expected to reach there at about 4 in the morning. The last time I was there was about 2 years and the place was great. This time around, I will be there for 2 weeks, return back for another project and leave to Dubai again in end March. Finally, some kind of on-site work after a couple of months holed up in the office.

This time around, our deployment will be taking us to Dubai and Sharjah. Some traveling be required but isn’t that a kind of “paradise” for a blogger who is equipped with a digital camera and a laptop? As usual, the implementation process of the system will be intense and I hoping to squeeze in some time for updates to the blog. Updates to Flickr may be a problem but I will try to find alternatives. Otherwise, I might need to take a shot of Jack Daniels myself.

Preparations for traveling have been a headache for my wife – things to be packed, ironed and purchased and so on. She started early this time around to avoid my usual last minutes packaging attitude.

Before I go, I need to start some housekeeping at my work table…the pile of documents on the table has been…piling up.

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