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Missing the circus

(Day 20 in Dubai)

I just realised how much I am missing the circus show when I saw the post in The Star couple days ago where one minister suggested the local bloggers to be registered.

Common sense will tell you that not all bloggers are using local servers and not all blogger using overseas servers are up to spread wild lies and rumours. If the Government is so afraid about this issue, why don’t they do the battle in cyberspace? Set up a blog and start answering the rumours. Start proving the lies are false with concrete evidence. Start providing avenues for the readers to ask critical questions and not afraid to answer them.

But nooooooooooo…they had to come up with ideas that only fuel further rumours and lies. Ideas that only makes an ordinary rakyat to start taking notice on rumours and start wondering why the Government is trying hard to muzzle the so-called rumours. We are not stupid lah and things like this makes people like me to start believing in rumours and look down on the Government with a very suspicious eyes. With things like this, I am wondering what these clowns are really up to.

Now with the politicians busy with the Machap by-elections, perhaps they will have more better things to do than coming up with illogical ideas…but when that had stopped them?

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