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My Favourite Tamil Song 101: Heavenly Sahana By AR Rahman 2007

Sahana Sivaji The Boss AR Rahman Tamil

I am hooked seriously to the song “Sahana” and the “sadder” version of it, “Sahara” from the movie “Sivaji: The Boss”. Image Source: AVM / Youtube

The other songs in the album is a typical made-for-Rajini catered songs, maybe little different with modern tune fused in by A R Rahman (no surprise here) but when it comes to the song “Sahana“, A R Rahman is a class on his own. Perhaps I am hooked now because it is refreshing and latest tune to be coming from A R Rahman.

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(Note: I linked this video instead of the original music video as I find this guy actually cleans up the audio before sharing – see the video on his channel on how he does this. Thanks to The Mastering Project for some of the gems from AR Rahman & Illayaraja)

Working from Kabul can be indeed depressing especially hearing explosions at night and not knowing whether ambush will take place on the convoy and a song like “Sahana” comes along and simply scoop up the spirit.

On the internet, there has been huge criticism of Udit Narayanan of not “pronouncing” the words properly but heck, look at the bigger picture – the song flow, superb music arrangement and of course, the right backup from Udit’s co-singer – Chinmayi and before you know it, “Sahana” turns out to be the loveliest songs around.

Udit is trying hard and it shows in the song but it is something that can be easily forgiven. I can picture myself standing on a mountain top, cold but heavenly wind breezing by and singing the song.

Hmmm, the same feeling I had when I saw my wife for the first time and immediately fall in love with her. Simply superb.

The sadder version reminds me of the music “Nightingale” by Yanni (click here to listen). I won’t really call it as a sadder version but rather a more sentimental version. The flute is very soothing, dashing away my depressed feeling and lifting it up to a new ground. The guitar pick in the background keeps me floating.

At first, I thought the song was sung by Hariharan but later I got to know that it was sung by K J Yesudas’ son, Vijay Yesudas and I was deeply humbled. His ability to sing beautifully was certainly a great tribute to his father’s singing skills.

AR Rahman has certainly given the task of singing of this piece to the right person. I picture myself sitting down on a valley, full of yellow sunbaked grasses, snow flaked mountains in the distance and in the far, wild horses running wildly. The sun was setting down on the horizon, the tame sunlight hitting my face softly and it seems to be saying “Don’t worry, it won’t be for long”.

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If “Sahana” reminds me of my first meeting with my wife, then the song “Sahara” reminds me of the time when I first saw my son, wrapped in a soft towel, with bright big eyes and looking straight at me. It certainly brings back good memory (and tears of happiness). Just listen to the soft humming and the strumming of the guitar which combined gives a whole new perspective of life.

The rest of the songs in the album, what else I can say – the quality of recording and music arrangement is the usual A R Rahman standard – the type that would do justice to my car sound system and the local Indian pubs (some songs like “Athiradee” best to be danced than listened – ya, my legs are dancing now).

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