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Tech News 101: Is Astro Website Best Place to Steal Personal Info?

Astro, Website, Security, Secured

Last year, I blogged about how unsecured was the Astro’s online customer detail maintenance and after several correspondences with them, the matter seems settled then with Astro promising to improve the security details of the website.

Read the following for details:-

Sounds like a good customer service response from Astro? Think again. One year after I highlighted the loopholes on their website to Astro, I head back to the webpage because wanted to check something. Then out of curiosity, I clicked on the “customer detail” form and surprised to find this:-

In case you have missed it – look at the URL. Don’t you think it should be at least an “https”? Or some login screen pops up before anyone indulge their personal details and oh my, if I am online ease dropper looking for online personal details, Astro webpage would probably be one of my favourite sites. Since the time I complained, nothing was done to make the site safer

Astro, Website, Security, Secured

Just look at the amount of information “readily” available for me to capture as it is running through the net unsecured. I really wondered how could a corporate giant like Astro ended with a lousy webmaster who seems to not know a basic webpage thing called “secured line”. Google it and you will have plenty reading material (ya, about 131 million links). But nothing was done to safeguard the personal information and that is very disappointing.

Astro, Website, Security, Secured

I won’t be surprised if the website may already been compromised by hackers or online ease droppers. It is so wide open – some hackers may get lucky and get tons of personal information to be sold for devious purposes or some spammers who can get new emails addresses for spamming or some telemarketing companies who can get a good load of personal information to be used to harass unsuspecting Astro customers.

Safeguard of online information is nothing more than a basic requirement in webpage creation and Astro, despite being angrily reminded a year ago (that’s 365 days!), just don’t bothered to screw their webmaster in getting basic things done right.

Maybe some hackers will bring them back to their sense because it seems like a complaint from Astro customer didn’t!

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  1. Please send me an email how to make a website to steal peoples personal information andif u no anything about credit card generators and fake credit cards give me da update on that also please!

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