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Books 101: Playing The Fictional Warrior, Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf Book Game Joe Dever

Long before we had RPG computer games, there were gamebooks and one of them was the popular Lone Wolf series by Joe Dever. Image source: Goodreads

When I was still in secondary school, this series of gamebooks was popular – tough to get hold of one but tougher to let go. I recall once I managed to get a copy from my friend and for a whole one week, I “locked” myself going through the various scenarios in the book. It was an exciting moment when I fantasized about myself as the Kai Grand Master and fighting the enemies with my sword and magical spells.

With the advent of the PC computer games, gamebooks lost their glitter when we can interact more fluidly on the computer than on the books. Of course, less imagination was required but it was easier to “see” the enemies on the screen than trying to imagine one. The closest that I came to the Lone Wolf series was the Diablo 2 PC game and it had me hooked on hours and hours of role-playing.

That brings me to Project Aon which I discovered “accidentally” when I was “researching” on the Lone Wolf book that I am currently “playing”.

The entire Lone Wolf series (well almost entire) has been digitalised by the hard work of die-hard Lone Wolf fans and is made available for free by Joe Dever. And the best part of this is the book is downloadable as HTML files and instead of turning the pages to the next action, I now click on the hyperlink and it brings me to the next HTML page.

Super cool!

All illustrations have been carefully re-created in the HTML pages so that none of the glitters of the series is compromised. The download file is small – it comes in zipped or tarball format or is viewable on-screen (for those who have the internet to spare).

Re-living the good old “gaming” days!

8 thoughts on “Books 101: Playing The Fictional Warrior, Lone Wolf”

  1. Thanks bud for reminding me of these books on Lone Wolf. I was also once addicted to those book games. I can say that most of kids nowadays don’t have any idea about this gaming books. I really hope that Joe Dever could republished those series. Thanks again bro.


  2. ahhhh.. the lone wolf series… i got my 1st copy (borrowed, of course) from a friend while I was in Form 1. That was in 1997. I didn’t manage to get hold of the whole lot, but judging from the ones that I read (and played), I can say that Joe Dever was a revolutionary mind. I remember that I was so into the game, that cheating with your points was considered blasphemy and I berated my friends if they did it.

  3. Kelapatempurung – it has been a while since Joe Dever embarked on the Lone Wolf series but Project Aon was a good start to rekindle the interest

    Kavilan – That’s true with us too – cheating on the points was like committing the biggest sin around. I still recall on how after I was dead (several times), I started all over again from Page 1!

  4. Oh my gosh, it’s been so long. I was such an addict! I’d go and read all the lone wolf books at bookstores…Oh no, I’d love to download the software and reminisce about my young days but then that will prob eat up too much of my time. So, maybe later. Good one….Ah Lone Wolf…Ha ha ha….

  5. Good one Bala. I remember buying my first Lone Wolf book from Anthonian Store. Later I heard Maika Holding bought over Anthonian Store and you guess the rest.

  6. Gosh! I still remember Anthonian Store…remember once you found an “interesting” book there and you got me to follow you to read it? The sales lady sure looked suspiciously at us.

  7. Oh Yes! I remember the book. It was something like ” 100 different sex positions “. LOL. I miss those good old days. By the way, that lady works in Bangsar MPH now. LOL. Well, we where never thought sex ed like they do these days in schools so we had to do some homework. I think Anantha was the only guy who spoke something about sex in our science class..all I heard was Tembak! Tembak! Tembak!

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