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Overheard in Taiping

PPP may be sailing in troubled waters in Taiping, so I overheard when I was in Taiping last week. And this is what was told to me:-

It seems Kayveas was supposed to do talk in an Indian highly populated area and he was late for 2 – 3 hours. His wife was there early but had nothing much to say to the crowd who was waiting for Kayveas to voice out some of their concerns. So, while waiting for Kayveas to arrive, the “ball carriers” (term used by the person who was talking to me) started with their praising stunt, much to the irate of the crowd who was cheesed off with the “late” politician.

When finally Kayveas finally arrived, the crowd started to ask questions but Kayveas could not answer them, made worse by one of his answer – “the issue is not in his constituent”. Then someone pointed out how Kayveas able to arrive on time on Chinese populated area, got the crowd even more agitated. By now, the ball carriers were not where to be seen or heard.

This is not hearsay and yes, Hindraf’s influence is quite strong in Taiping. Trouble times for PPP and BN? We will know soon on 8th March.

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