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Threats and Jokes

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First the threats from MIC for the Indians (ya, only Indians can screw Indians) and now threat from the UMNO fellow to the Chinese:-

If the Chinese did not have representation in the Cabinet, their requests would not be heard.

I thought he been banging the shit about him being the Prime Minister for ALL Malaysians?

Meanwhile, there is this joke in the mainstream media that is unbelievably hard to swallow:-

It was opposition party members who demolished a Hindu temple in Rantau near here on Wednesday but they blamed it on the Barisan Nasional, said Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan yesterday.

After the numerous demolishment of temples by the BN Government, they somehow “found” one that been demolished by the “opposition”. Great isn’t it? But the opposition fellow that was caught was nothing but a manager and clerk of an estate – not exactly matching the high ranking ones from the BN.

I can smell money, drama and stupidity miles away…

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