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Snippets 101: Total recall


(Will we see the cracking of useless politicians in this country? Picture source:

Just to recap of the things that happened last week…

On the smaller cabinet

Pak Lah’s excuse for a smaller cabinet was because there was less MPs in the Parliament around.

My take on this – that excuse is nothing but nonsense. After 2004 victory, Pak Lah for critized for jumbo size cabinet and yet, Pak Lah saw it fit for him to hold 3 posts – Prime Minister, Internal Security Minister and Finance Minister and many Malaysian believed he was “sleeping” on his job.

And yet, the administration sucked – crime rate was high and Malaysia was not really moving as what it suppose to be. So, this time around, even if there are enough MPs, Pak Lah’s cabinet has to be small – period!

On the opposition inexperience

A post in the The People’s Parliament asked the people to give the opposition a break and not to over react.

But the thing is this – the very fact that it is the first time we are having DAP & PKR members as the Chief Minister and many are still cautious about it (the fact is many voted against BN, not voted for the oppossition), the fragile DAP-PKR-PAS pact was not expected to make any “sudden moves” , not certainly just couple of days from the election date, to destabilise people’s impression on these “first timer” governments.

They should have resorted to close door discussions rather than bringing it to the open field and make an ass of themselves. They would have continued doing that if not for the strong & uncensored feedback from the people (yes, no longer politicians are allowed to think themselves as the boss).

By the way when the oppositions are thinking of settling down for good and start governing?

On the NEP

As a Malay saying goes – “take out the bad, take in the good”, the very mentioned of disusing the NEP seems to sent shivers the spine of some well-connected businessmen and of course UMNO is there to continue with it’s out-dated “ Don’t play with Malay’s special rights” argument.

The thing is for fellow Malaysians, everyone knows how abused the NEP have really been – just a few benefitted from it and of yes, it made UMNO to be still relevant in light of globalisation. The very fact that a large Malay votes went to the oppositions seems to say a lot about this leech called “NEP”.

If things are going smoothly, distribution of wealth and opportunity should benefit all but as one said, it will take time to untie the mess that has happened since 1969.

Subra & Samy back as friends

Basically we Indians have buried away MIC this time around and with Samy very much in the pilot’s seat, it is going to be a rough flight for MIC and its members for a long, long time.

From the opposition camp, the Indians may not have a Minister (yet) but we already have Deputy Chief Minister and 20 Indians MPs – so MIC has lost much grounds on the the argument that it is the only group that can fight for Indians.

But this act of voting multi-cultured parties like DAP-PKR is only start of the tough exercise to strip away the outlook of seeing someone as a Malay, Chinese or Indian and start looking as Malaysians. In the near future, we even won’t care about the ethnic background of the representatives as long as the person does his job right, fair and well, equally for all Malaysians.

Media & the oppositions

It might just be a dream but finally the oppositions are getting the right exposure as they deserve to. Of course, the mainstream media started the front pages with the infighting in the opposition.

But slowly but surely, the right policies of the oppositions is finding its way to the masses and hopefully in the next election, the vote will be of one for the oppossition instead of the now against BN.

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