Race Relations Act Revisited

(Image source: http://www.essex.ac.uk)

Remember when the thick headed Malaysian politicians killed the proposed Race Relations Act with laughable but truly stupid reason?

RPK take a shot of it and said this in his blog: –

Indonesia is not safe for the Chinese, many Malays will tell you. They kill Chinese in Indonesia. And that is why many Chinese have left Indonesia and have migrated to another country. The Chinese are more fortunate in Malaysia. In no other country are the Chinese as lucky as the Chinese in Malaysia. This is the belief of most Malays.

Well, in November 2008, Indonesia passed the Non-discrimination Act (UU No. 62/58) that makes it a crime to discriminate against any ethnic group. Indonesia’s aim is to unite all the races. Sure, there may have been problems in Indonesia in the past.

Malaysia too has been having problems on and off since even before Merdeka. But Indonesia is trying to change all that. Malaysia is not only perpetuating racial problems but we even have institutionalised racial discrimination.

The truth cannot be clearer than this and the longer we drag our feet on the reality, it won’t be long before, as RPK said, “our money is going to exodus to our neighbour and one day, soon, we are going to be poorer than that largest Muslim country in the world”

Only in Malaysia, racial discrimination is encoded as law and is celebrated by those in power.