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January 22, 2009

What Race Relation Act?

(What is the right things to do when it comes to relationships between the various races. Image source:

I was not surprised though but here is why the Minister is talking crap.

Let me begin with a simple scenario:-

There is a 4 way intersection and let’s assume that the traffic is heavy and there is no traffic lights or traffic policeman on sight (ya, no hidden cameras as well).

[Click to read the rest] “What Race Relation Act?”

Alternate View

TheStar reported:-

The family members of a detainee who was found dead in a police station barged into the Serdang Hospital mortuary to view his body, claiming he died after being assaulted.

They took photographs of the body, claiming there were wounds and injuries on his body yesterday.

Had a quick chat with a buddy on the incident of a car thief died whilst in custody and it was interesting to see things from the other end.… [Click to read the rest] “Alternate View”