FAQ Updated

(You will never know when you can go missing in action and leave the blog to collect dust.)

I read this ‘concern’ in Visithra’s blog couple years ago (I can’t recall the date and title of the post but I think it was sometime when we had the last tsunami)…

For sometime now, I have been wondering on the same question – how my readers know that I am dead or have quit blogging abruptly?

My concerns been growing considering that I have been in and out hostile countries and been flying a lot in recent years and to most readers, I am ‘partially’ anonymous (and I wish to remain that way) – so if anything happens to me, how many of them will know what had happened?

For that reason, I have updated the FAQ section on what conditions that the readers can assume that I have been “incapacitated” from updating my blog – so if you don’t hear from me for sometime, you get the idea what happened

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