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Personal 101: A Candid Chat with D, The Genius

D Dave Assassin Creeds Personal Family Chat

(A chat with D who doing the Assassin Creed + Gangsta + Rap Singer impression with winter clothes and seriously I do not know where he picked the style up)

Read these first:-

An interesting chat with my son a couple of nights ago…

I was watching TV a couple of nights ago – my son was doing his homework which was weird because he usually got that done before I come back from work. I know he was kind of rushing to complete the homework when suddenly he stopped and seemed to think hard for a moment. I noticed this and I thought he was thinking about his homework. I kind of ignored him and continued to watch the TV when I suddenly noticed him walking towards me to have a chat.

D: Appa, can I ask you something?

Me: Yes, what is it? (I was thinking that it must be a query on his homework)

D: Appa, can you send me to English school for Form 1?

Me: English school? (he spoke about it some time ago – he has been having some problem with the National Language especially in the subject of Science)

D: Yes, somewhere I can take the plane and oh yes, there must be snow too

Me: What about English school in Singapore? (me just throwing some names)

D: We can drive to Singapore! No, it must be somewhere we must take the plane.

Me: So, you want to America?

D: No, I want to go to the US (perhaps not understanding that America & US is the same thing)

Me: Ok, sure – if Appa have enough money, I will send you there, for sure

D: Thanks, hmmm (D going into a “thinking” motion)

D: Maybe I continue until Form 6 here and continue my college there

Me: As Appa said, if Appa has enough money, I will send you for sure but for now, you need to study hard for now. Form 1 is still long way to go

D: Ok

My son, with a face that indicates that he had accomplished an important mission, walks back and continue with his homework.

Now that chat got me thinking – with the Government screwing up the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English, perhaps it is not a bad idea to look for a school that actually teaches that two crucial subjects in English – a language that universally been accepted as the main language of Science (and Mathematics). A point that my son implied to me in his chat, considering how he likes to watch Science related documentaries on ASTRO all in ENGLISH!

I guess I have to start collecting – Form 1 to 6 in the US is going to cost me a lot

2 thoughts on “Personal 101: A Candid Chat with D, The Genius”

  1. We, my friends and I, including PAGE, have been trying very hard to get English taught in national schools, the way our teachers taught us English in the 50s, 60s and the 70s. Beside that, we also are trying to get the government to re-introduce English medium schools. We know, the current Education Policy, does not allow for the re-introduction of English medium schools and ironically, the opposition parties also subscribe to that. However, we are not giving up and if need be, we may get some people who has the money to start an international English private school to cater to the many young people who want to go to an English school just like your son. So, let’s all pray and make our dream and efforts be rewarded and that elusive international English private school plan becomes a reality. Amen.

    1. I will certainly pray for that – I dread the future of our children, unable to compete with the rest just because they are unable to read and write well in English. Hope someone will wise up and overturn our national education policy for the better. Thanks

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