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Education 101: Abolish Vernacular Schools – Right Call But Wrong Reasons

Vernacular School literacy Education Malaysia

The sticky issue of vernacular schools is back again and this time riding on a dumb notion that students from the vernacular school are unable to master the national language Bahasa Malaysia and thus faces a bleak future. We have a high literacy rate in the world but we keep screwing up with silly experiments and dubious political intentions. Map source: Our World in Data

I guess when the country has run out of pressing issues to talk about, they will fall back on the dumb issues that touch on race and religion.

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Yup, It’s Getting Weirder & Dumb


(Some things are not weird like the way people like to park their cars, it is just a result of people not taking the time and care to do the right things)

It is getting weird, it must be the insane weather, I am very sure – it has been raining cats & dogs for past weeks and yet it feels like one is sitting in a sauna at night. My daughter fared worse, despite having 2 fans and occasionally the air-conditioner switched on, she was sweating like she had just done a 10 km marathon.

Or perhaps it is something we have been drinking (or sniffing), I don’t know. Perhaps it was due to our overzealous with being the righteous one that some of us can see the end is near. Whatever the reason maybe, things are just getting weirder in this country.

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Personal 101: A Candid Chat with D, The Genius

D Dave Assassin Creeds Personal Family Chat

(A chat with D who doing the Assassin Creed + Gangsta + Rap Singer impression with winter clothes and seriously I do not know where he picked the style up)

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English 101: Mindef Translation vs Proper English

English Mindef Language

Well, it is rather embarrassing indeed considering English is our second main language since we got the Independence from the British in 1957.

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