Yup, It’s Getting Weirder & Dumb


(Some things are not weird like the way people like to park their cars, it is just a result of people not taking the time and care to do the right things)

It is getting weird, it must be the insane weather, I am very sure – it has been raining cats & dogs for past weeks and yet it feels like one is sitting in a sauna at night. My daughter fared worse, despite having 2 fans and occasionally the air-conditioner switched on, she was sweating like she had just done a 10 km marathon.

Or perhaps it is something we have been drinking (or sniffing), I don’t know. Perhaps it was due to our overzealous with being the righteous one that some of us can see the end is near. Whatever the reason maybe, things are just getting weirder in this country.

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Personal 101: A Candid Chat with D, The Genius

D Dave Assassin Creeds Personal Family Chat

(A chat with D who doing the Assassin Creed + Gangsta + Rap Singer impression with winter clothes and seriously I do not know where he picked the style up)

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English 101: Mindef Translation vs Proper English

English Mindef Language

Well, it is rather embarrassing indeed considering English is our second main language since we got the Independence from the British in 1957.

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Protected: Personal 101: Taking Office Email Response Positively

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Malaysia 101: Making of United, Strong Bangsa Malaysia

malaysia bangsa national

(Bangsa Malaysia also means a nation of people who speak in one voice. Whilst we are so against racism in Malaysia, obviously, we are not angels ourselves and thus the need for one united people is even critical now. Image source: Mob’s Crib)

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Education 101: Strong Support for 1Sekolah

support 1sekolah one school system

When ex-ISA detainee M Manoharan proposed that all Malaysians born after August 31, 1957, to be accorded a Bumiputra status but without any question to the constitutional rights and privileges of Malays, many applauded & supported the proposal.

However at the same time, many questioned this proposal in light with the existence of many types for schools for Malaysians. It is a valid point.

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English 101: The Wrong Email Styling Impressions

email language english communication

Sometimes, you can tell the difference from how people write things down or draft the content of their emails and then send it out to others. Image source: Reddit

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Christmas Meme with a twist

(I got this in my email this morning – not sure who is the cartoonist but there is truth in cartoon. Funny but real. It is early to say this but in case I forget – I often do – “Merry Christmas”)

Yvy said this about me on her blog: “BJ (Coz I’ve NEVER tagged him yet and I haven’t seen him do a meme before)”.
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